Where is the Outliner in Maya?

Where is the Outliner in Maya?


  1. In the main menu bar: Windows > Outliner.
  2. In a panel: Panels > Panel > Outliner.
  3. Click the icon under the Quick Layout buttons on the left side of the interface.

How do I use Outliner in Maya?

Work with a Scene Assembly. Right-click an assembly node to open the Scene Assembly menu – see Outliner contextual menus. Note: To pan in the Outliner, press Alt + middle-click (for Mac, Opt + middle-click). To fast pan, press Ctrl + Alt + middle-click (for Mac, Ctrl + Opt + middle-click).

How do I reset the Outliner in Maya?

Reopen the Outliner by navigating to Windows > Outliner.

  1. If the Outliner is a floating window, hit the X to close it.
  2. If the Outliner is docked to the Maya UI, click and hold on the tab, and move the mouse to undock/move the window.

How do you create an Outliner group in Maya?

Grouping Objects in Autodesk Maya

  1. Open the outliner (windows > outliner)
  2. Select the objects you want to group (SHIFT+CLICK for range or CMD+CLICK for specific objects)
  3. Now either go to Edit > Group or press CMD+G.
  4. Creates a group in the outliner.
  5. You can rename this group by double clicking on it.

How do you duplicate in Maya?


  1. Press Ctrl + D.
  2. Select Edit > Duplicate.
  3. Shift + drag any transformation manipulator while in Object mode (also known as smart duplicating).

How do you hide objects in Maya?

Tip: When you are in component selection mode, Maya automatically shows the components on the selected objects….Show or hide components.

To… Do this
Hide unselected objects or components. Press Alt + H
Show selected components. Press Shift + H

How do I reset my Maya software?

Note: If you just want to return to the default factory settings in the Preferences window, choose Edit > Restore Default Settings from the menubar (above the Categories section). Be aware that this resets the preferences in every category in the Preferences window.

How do I group models in Maya?

When you group objects together, you can select, move, rotate, and scale the group as a single unit….Help.

To… Do this
Group selected objects together. Select Edit > Group or press Ctrl + G. See Group Options for more information.

How do I create a group in Maya 2020?

Select the three newly created nodes, and then select Group > Create Group to create a group. Click the Group icon to enter group view.

How do you duplicate and mirror in Maya?

Using Duplicate Special to create a symmetrical mesh

  1. Select the polygon mesh and choose Edit > Duplicate Special > .
  2. Set the Translate and Rotate values to 0.
  3. Set the scaling to -1 for the axis (X, Y, or Z) across which you want to mirror the polygon mesh.
  4. Click Duplicate Special. Note:

How do I merge two objects in Maya?

A quicker way to Merge meshes

  1. Select both objects.
  2. Combine the meshes (‘Mesh’ > ‘Combine’)
  3. Change to Vertices or edges mode (Works on both)
  4. Go to ‘Mesh Tools’ > ‘Target Weld’
  5. Select a vertex and move it to the target vertex.
  6. It will snap and merge at the same time.

Where do I find the outliner in Maya?

Click the icon under the Quick Layout buttons on the left side of the interface. If the Outliner is docked, click and drag the panel into the Viewport and close it. The Outliner shows a hierarchical list of all objects in the scene in outline form.

What’s the best way to search The Outliner?

Malcolm Andrieshyn shares some tips for Maya, that include searching the outliner, and renaming many objects. Returning to his quick tip vids, malcolm341 ( Malcolm Andrieshyn) shows off how you can effortlessly search the outliner to find objects easily.

Where to find torn off window in Maya?

If you are like me and use a lot of plugins but want to find that missing outliner, animation graph editor, or other “torn off” window then you can easily do this next fix. In this case navigate into your Maya preference directory. Then click on a directory called “pref”.

How to change object names in HTE outliner?

Go to Solution. Solved by Thiird . Go to Solution. 05-10-2015 08:22 AM 05-10-2015 08:22 AM I dont think you can avoid maya to put that prefix in there, but with a few steps you can remove that from all the objects in hte outliner! 2-Whit that selected go to modify–>Serach and replace names…