Where is the pub in Trainspotting?

Where is the pub in Trainspotting?

The Central Bar in Leith, a pub near HMP Edinburgh and one in Glasgow (which we’ll get to later) were all utilised to create Sick Boy’s Port Sunshine pub. Only the cellar in this pub was used as a filming location, but this exact pub is mentioned in the book version of Trainspotting.

What was the name of the pub in Trainspotting?

Crosslands pub
Crosslands pub, Glasgow (now Kelbourne Saint restaurant) ONE of the film’s most memorable scenes shows Begbie throwing a pint glass nonchalantly from the pub balcony — causing a bar brawl to break out. The pub went through a relaunch and name change last year but bosses still put Trainspotting in their job interviews.

Where was Trainspotting filmed in Glasgow?

Filming locations Glasgow. Café D’Jaconelli. 570 Maryhill Road. The café, where Renton and Spud share a milkshake.

Is Trainspotting set in Glasgow?

Although the famous opening sequence of Trainspotting is set and filmed in Edinburgh, almost all of Trainspotting was shot in Glasgow.

Is Trainspotting set in Edinburgh or Glasgow?

“It’ll be like being at the top of an aeroplane. We try to get the leads, but you don’t need all the actors for rehearsals because quite a lot of them are only doing one or two days’ filming.” As with Shallow Grave, Trainspotting is set in Edinburgh but filmed mostly in Glasgow.

Where was opening scene of Trainspotting filmed?

Although set in Edinburgh, almost all of the film was shot in Glasgow, apart from the opening scenes which were shot in Edinburgh, and the final scenes which were shot in London.

What happens t2 Trainspotting?

Plot. Twenty years after stealing thousands of pounds in drug money from his friends and making a new life in Amsterdam, 46-year old Mark Renton suffers a heart attack in a gym. Though now two decades sober from heroin, he is undergoing divorce and imminent redundancy.