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Where is the tarantula migration in Colorado?

Where is the tarantula migration in Colorado?

Comanche National Grassland
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The annual Tarantula Migration in southern Colorado is upon us. Officials say the peak time to view the migration is mid-September near Comanche National Grassland south of La Junta.

What time of year do the tarantulas migrate?

The annual “tarantula migration,” when hairy brown spiders as big as saucers come out of hiding looking for mating partners, happens in September and generally peaks in mid-September.

Are tarantulas coming to Colorado?

(CBS4/AP) – The annual migration of tarantulas is underway in Southeastern Colorado. Officials say the Oklahoma brown tarantulas migrate through La Junta, about 176 miles southeast of Denver. Scientists say the majority of the spiders are 10-year-old males looking to mate with females hidden in Colorado’s grasslands.

How long does tarantula migration last?

According to an article published by Colorado State University, the tarantula migration typically starts in southeastern Colorado at the end of August, lasting through September. It is followed by a southwestern migration that typically peaks in October.

What is the biggest spider in Colorado?

banded garden spider
The largest and most striking of the orb weaving spiders found in Colorado is the banded garden spider (Argiope trifasciata).

How far will a tarantula travel to find a mate?

During the fall season, thousands of male tarantulas embark on a journey to hunt for females. The mass migration can be seen across roads in several states such as Colorado and New Mexico, with males traveling as far as 50 miles to find a mate.

When to go to La Junta for the tarantula migration?

While the tarantula migration takes place from late August through early October, the City of La Junta recommends visiting in early to mid-September, especially when the weather is warm and not windy. Flickr/Images by John ‘K’

When is the best time to see Colorado tarantulas?

For species that are present in Southeast Colorado the migration of the adult males take place from mid-to-late September (into early October) and it is at this time of the season when Colorado tarantulas are most often observed. September is the ideal time of year to view the tarantula migration.

Are there tarantulas in La Junta, CO?

During the fall each year, large numbers of tarantulas skitter across the landscape in La Junta and southeast Colorado. Yes, tarantulas! This phenomenon is known as the Tarantula Migration.

Where to see tarantulas in Comanche National Grassland?

Contact the Comanche National Grassland Resource Office for additional ideal viewing locations in and around La Junta at (719) 384-2181 or [email protected] for additional information. Tarantulas may be seen skittering across highways.