Where was the film Get Carter filmed?

Where was the film Get Carter filmed?

Making the most of its Newcastle setting, as well as filming along the coast around Hartlepool and Blyth, Hodges defined the city on screen, with only Sidney Hayers’ Payroll (1961) providing competition. Hodges’ film follows the revenge of London gangster Jack Carter (Michael Caine).

Where was the beach scene in Get Carter?

Blackhall beach
Blackhall beach made a notable appearance in the 1971 film Get Carter; in the climactic scenes the main character is involved in a chase across a coal-strewn beach. The film shows the beach black with coal spoilings, dumped there by mine’s conveyor system.

What was the pub in Get Carter?

The Victoria Comet
Doors have opened at a new-look pub in Newcastle made famous when it appeared in cult gangster film classic Get Carter. The former O’Neill’s opposite Newcastle Central Station has been taken over by Nicholson’s Pubs and re-opened as The Victoria Comet.

When was Get Carter set?

“1971 was a watershed year for crime on the big screen. It gave us the amoral cops of Dirty Harry and The French Connection and put Jack Carter in good company.” The action aside, Get Carter captures the region at a unique time in its history, depicting a vision of Tyneside, much of which has vanished.

Where was the last scene in Get Carter filmed?

Blackhall Beach
The location of the closing scene of the film, Blackhall Beach near Hartlepool. Base of the North Side coal staithes, North Blyth, Northumberland. Carter chases Paice along these near the film’s conclusion.

Where was the end scene of Get Carter filmed?

Where is the big house in Get Carter?

Baron House, on Neville Street at Grainger Street, now stands on the site of the pub – which once boasted the longest bar in Europe.

Who killed Carter in Get Carter?

Luvaglio and co-accused Dennis Stafford were both found guilty of shooting Mr Sibbett, who collected cash from fruit machines in Newcastle. The case became known as the “one-armed bandit murder” and was the foundation for Ted Lewis’ novel Jack’s Return Home – later made into the 1971 Michael Caine classic Get Carter.

Where was the final scene of Get Carter filmed?