Which Cadbury is best in India?

Which Cadbury is best in India?

1. Cadbury. Undisputedly the best chocolate in India is Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. We know that the brand has already introduced some fancy versions such as Cadbury Silk and Silk Bubbly, but none can achieve the authenticity of the perfect blend of rich cocoa and milk as the original Cadbury bar.

How many Flavours are there of Cadbury chocolate?

Choose From Over 85 Flavours And Create And Name Your Own Chocolate Bar For Cadbury Dairy Milk – NDTV Food.

Is Dairy Milk a product in India?

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a British brand of milk chocolate manufactured by Cadbury. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1905 and now consists of a number of products. Every product in the Dairy Milk line is made with exclusively milk chocolate.

Which is the No 1 chocolate in India?

Today, Cadbury is the most loved and most widely sold in India. According to Euromonitor International, Cadbury accounted for 55.5% of the total chocolate sales in India during 2014. Dairy Milk is the flagship brand of Cadbury.

Which is best Cadbury Dairy Milk?

Our definitive ranking of the best Cadbury chocolate block:

  1. #1. Caramello. Simply the best.
  2. #2. Crunchie. The Crunchie block is the perfect choccy treat, as it’s just filled to the brim with honeycomb.
  3. #3. Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Beanies.
  4. #4. Hazelnut.
  5. #5. Bubbly.
  6. #6. Snack.
  7. #7. Oreo.
  8. #8. Rocky Road.

Which is best chocolate in world?

The 10 Best Chocolatiers in the World

  • Teuscher (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Vosges Haut-Chocolat (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  • Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, Inc.
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate (New York, New York, USA)
  • Norman Love Confections (Ft.
  • Valrhona (France)
  • Godiva Chocolatier (Brussels, Belgium and worldwide)

Which are the top 3 markets for Cadbury?


  • Cadbury’s top 3 markets. the U.K., Australia and India.
  • 30+ The number of countries where Cadbury is available.
  • 10+ Countries manufacture Cadbury.
  • 1.5. The number of glasses of milk in every half pound bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.
  • Cadbury’s top 3 markets. the U.K., Australia and India.
  • 30+
  • 10+
  • 1.5.

Which dairy milk is best?

Cow’s milk is the most commonly consumed dairy milk and a good source of high-quality protein ( 8 ). It’s naturally rich in calcium, B vitamins, and many minerals. It’s also often fortified with vitamins A and D, making it a very nutritious food for both children and adults ( 8 ).

Why is dairy milk so expensive?

Simply put, it is lower supply of skimmed milk powder (SMP) relative to last year that is helping the milk price scale higher. Further, dairy companies have also been giving in to farmer requests for a hike in the price on the back of rising fodder costs.

Which is the costliest dairy milk?

Available in: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond, 58g – Pack of 6 – Price Rs. 420….Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond.

Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Range Price (INR)
Dairy Milk Silk Oreo 60g – Pack of 6 480
Dairy Milk Silk Plain 150g – Pack of 3 550