Which country is directly opposite to Pakistan?

Which country is directly opposite to Pakistan?

Pakistan is bordered by India on the east, the Arabian Sea on the south, Iran on the southwest, and Afghanistan on the west and north; in the northeast is the disputed territory (with India) of Kashmir, of which the part occupied by Pakistan borders on China. Islamabad is the capital and Karachi is the largest city.

What country is on the other side of the world from Pakistan?

The borders of Pakistan are directly shared with four other countries. In the north, Pakistan is surrounded by India in the east. Along its southwestern border, Somalia is separated from Iran….Population Size, Total Area, and Density Value of Pakistan.

Official Name Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Continent Asia
Region Asia

What country is on the opposite side of the world?

In the Northern Hemisphere, “the Antipodes” is often used to refer to Australia and New Zealand, and “Antipodeans” to their inhabitants. The two largest human inhabited antipodal areas are located in East Asia (China, Mongolia) and South America (Argentina and Chile).

What is antipode Pakistan?

The antipodal city to Karachi is Hanga Roa. This means that, among all the populated locations in the world, the farthest city from Karachi is Hanga Roa.

Which city is called Manchester of Pakistan?

Faisalabad contributes over 5% toward Pakistan’s annual GDP; therefore, it is often referred to as the “Manchester of Pakistan”.

What is the antipode of India?

The small, rocky, uninhabited island of Sala y Gómez, 391 km (243 mi) east-northeast of Easter Island, is antipodal to an area in the city of Ajmer, India, just east of Ana Sagar Lake. All the rest of India has its antipodes in the sea.

Why Pakistanis important for world?

As the Muslim world’s second most populous country and the only Islamic nuclear power state, Pakistan is an important actor in the region and on the global stage.

Which country has longest border with Pakistan?

Geography of Pakistan

Continent Asia
Borders Total: 7,307 km (4,540.4 mi) Afghanistan: 2,670 km (1,659.1 mi) China: 559 km (347.3 mi) India: 3,320 km (2,063.0 mi) Iran: 959 km (595.9 mi)
Highest point K2 8,611 m (28,251 ft)
Lowest point Arabian Sea 0 m (0.0 ft)
Longest river Indus River

What country is on the opposite side of USA?

From anywhere in the continental United States, the exact opposite is somewhere in the Indian Ocean—between Australia and Africa.

Which city is called city of lions in Pakistan?

Mandi Bahauddin
Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin منڈی بہاءالدین
Province Punjab
Division Gujranwala
District Mandi Bahauddin
Established 1506 AD

Which city of UK is called Little Pakistan?

There are around 80,000 Britons in Pakistan, a substantial number of whom are British Pakistanis who have resettled in Pakistan. The town of Mirpur in Azad Kashmir, where the majority of British Pakistanis hail from, has a large expatriate population of resettled British Pakistanis and is dubbed “Little England”.

Which country is just behind India?


Country No. of antipodal countries Antipodal countries
Antarctica 5 Greenland, Canada, United States, Russia, Norway
Argentina 4 China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Russia
Malaysia 4 Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Colombia
Chile 4 China, Mongolia, Russia; Easter Island: India

How can you find the opposite side of the world?

The antipode of any place can be identified by drawing an imaginary straight line that passes through the center of the planet and reaches the other side of the world. Since most of the planet is covered by water (71%), the antipodal point to most cities is located in the ocean.

Where does the majority of Pakistanis live in the world?

According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Pakistan has the sixth-largest diaspora in the world. Statistics gathered by the Pakistani government show that there are around 7 million Pakistanis residing abroad, with the vast majority living in the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

What kind of country is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Pakistan (Urdu: پاکِستان‬‎), officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Urdu: اِسلامی جمہوریہ پاکِستان‬‎), is a country in South Asia.

Where do you come out on the other side of the world?

The Most of Europeans and Americans believe that if you dig a hole, in a straight line through the center of the Earth, you would come out on the other side right in China. But this is just a saying, because, in reality, if you dig a straight tunnel, in most areas, of Europe or United States you will come out in the ocean.