Which great chef is affiliated with Think food Group?

Which great chef is affiliated with Think food Group?

José Andrés’
The company behind José Andrés’ award-winning group of restaurants, built by José and his team of innovators to tell stories and push creativity forward in the hospitality industry, philanthropy, and beyond.

What restaurants do José Andrés own?

What restaurants does José Andrés own?

  • minibar by José Andrés – Washington, DC.
  • é by José Andrés – Las Vegas.
  • Somni – Los Angeles.
  • America Eats Tavern – Washington, DC.
  • The Bazaar – Los Angeles and Miami Beach.
  • Beefsteak – Washington, DC, Bethesda, Maryland, and in the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

How much does José Andrés make?

JOSE Andres Salary in Washington, DC

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $127,851 $10,654
75th Percentile $75,523 $6,293
Average $68,537 $5,711
25th Percentile $37,761 $3,146

How many restaurants José Andrés has?

31 restaurants
Andrés’ restaurant group includes 31 restaurants, ranging in a variety of culinary experiences from food trucks to his multi-location vegetable-focused fast casual, Beefsteak, and world-class tasting menus like Michelin starred minibar by José Andrés.

Who runs Central Kitchen?

José Andrés
José Andrés is an award-winning chef with restaurants in Washington D.C., and beyond. He’s also founder of World Central Kitchen, an organization that’s been helping feed those affected by natural and man-made disasters around the globe since 2010. So far, that adds to more than 50 million meals.

Does Oyamel have a Michelin star?

At Oyamel, José Andrés and his team combine Mexico’s rich regional diversity with the vibrant urban atmosphere of Mexico City. Oyamel ranks consistently as a top DC dining destination, and was awarded a Bib Gourmand in the 2017 and 2018 Michelin Guide to Washington, DC.

How do I get a Michelin Bib Gourmand?

There are two main criteria to qualify for a Bib Gourmand – the food must be delicious, and it must cost less than a set amount for three courses. As the Michelin guide is now published around the world, the ceiling price varies according to the local cost of living.