Which is best yercaud or Yelagiri?

Which is best yercaud or Yelagiri?

Yelagiri is a close challenger to Yercaud because of its proximity to Chennai and Bengaluru. While both the hill stations have ideal weather during the off-season (monsoon and winter), Yercaud has a more pleasant summer than Yelagiri.

Is one day enough for Yelagiri?

Yelagiri is small place enough to see in one day. Boating is available there. Big park for kids to play and enjoy. For food it is better to stay in hotel with restaurant.

What is the best time to visit Yelagiri?

The weather at Yelagiri is moderate throughout the year but the best time to visit here is from November to February.

Is Yelagiri allowed?

Entry is open from all domestic states. Mandatory to download Aarogya Setu application before travel. All inter-state and intra-state tourists and travellers must obtain an e-pass from the district collector before entering Yelagiri. COVID-19 test is required for passengers arriving from Maharashtra, Gujarat & Delhi.

Is yelagiri worth visiting?

Yelagiri is a good place to relax since there’s not much to do or see around. For the trekking enthusiasts, its a good spot too. There are a couple to famous routes which are trodden by the trekkers, like the Swami malai hills etc.

What can I buy in Yelagiri?

Yelagiri is well-known as the best honey producer in Tamil Nadu and you may buy home-made honey or natural honey made by wild bees in natural environment. You will get good quality honey at YMCA or the other option will be to visit the weekly market on Fridays, at Athanavoor to purchase natural mountain honey.

What is the height of Yelagiri Hills?

1,111 m

How is the road from Bangalore to Yelagiri?

Reaching Yelagiri from Bangalore takes around 4 hours from Bangalore. You drive almost 125 Kms along the highway (Bangalore to Krishnagiri and then from Krishnagiri, on Chennai highway). Once you leave the Chennai highway, the road is in good condition thereafter as well.

Can we go to Yelagiri without Epass?

No e-pass will be required for inter-district travel for wedding events in the 27 districts. Those wanting to visit places such as, the Nilgiris, Kodaikkanal, Yercaud, Yelagiri and Courtallam for emergency purposes will have to avail e-pass from the concerned district collector.

What is special in Yelagiri?

Top 12 Places To Visit In Yelagiri

  • Jalagamparai Waterfalls – For Magical Experience.
  • Punganoor Lake – For Nature Escape.
  • Telescope Observatory – For Witnessing Celestial Bodies.
  • Swamimalai Hills – For Thrill Seekers.
  • Jalagandeeswarar Temple – For Devotees Of Lord Shiva.
  • Nature Park – For Nature Lovers.

Is Yelagiri worth visiting?

Is alcohol allowed in Yelagiri?

So have no fears and you do not have to carry your liquor unless and until you are travelling from Bangalore where you have the option of more varieties and you would not want limit yourselves to the limited options available at the TASMAC Wine Shops in Tamil Nadu.