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Which is better C16 or C24 timber?

Which is better C16 or C24 timber?

C24 timber is the superior cousin of C16. This grade is also kiln dried and used in construction products. It is more superior in terms of its properties such as strength, resilience and appearance with very few defects if any. C24 timber costs slightly more than C16.

Is C24 timber suitable for outdoor use?

Treated timber is suitable to be used externally and is suitable for wet areas or areas where the timber will be coming into contact with the ground.

What sizes does C24 timber come in?

Lengths commonly available are 3.0, 3.6, 4.2 and 4.8 meter. What is C24 Timber? C24 graded premium structural timber offers greater strength than C16 timber, making it a more demanding grade that can handle higher loads and wider spans.

What is the longest length of timber you can buy?

Normal lengths are 3.0, 3.6, 4.2 & 4.8 metres; We keep a good selection of larger sized timbers in stock, up to 9×2″ / 47x225mm in the Easi-Edge, and 12×2″ / 47x300mm in an Unsorted Whitewood Rough-Sawn Carcassing timber; Longer lengths – 5.4 & 6.0 metres are available in the Rough-Sawn timber.

Is CLS timber strong?

Strong, durable and well-shaped for a variety of uses, CLS timber has become a popular choice for many internal structuring jobs.

How strong is C24 timber?

C16 or C24 Timber

Strength Class C16 C24
Compression perpendicular to grain (N/mm2) 2.2-1.7 2.4-1.9
Shear parallel to grain (N/mm2) 0.67 0.71
Modulus of elasticity mean (N/mm2) 8,800 10,800
Modulus of elasticity minimum (N/mm2) 5,800 7,200

How long will C24 timber last outside?

about 30 years
In general, we say that the inside of the wood should be protected for about 60 years, and the outside for about 30 years. This is without any extra treatment, staining, or painting on your behalf.

What does CLS timber mean?

Canadian Lumber Size
CLS Timber – “Canadian Lumber Size” or CLS is finished on all sides giving a smaller cross-section than traditional sawn timber. Originating in the Canadian market, hence the name it is mainly used for timber frame home construction and for internal and partition walls.

Does CLS timber rot?

Can CLS Timber Be Used Outside? CLS timber should only be used outside if it has been treated, in order to ensure it is suitably resistant to external climate conditions that can cause issues such as rot and decay.

What’s the difference between CLS and PSE timber?

PAR has mostly been supplanted by PSE today. Hand held planes produce PAR. Planed Square Edge. CLS is planed smooth, has radiused (rounded) corners, and is free of large knots at the edge of the wood.

What is the difference between CLS and C24 timber?

The CLS timber is usually graded in respect to its strength in strict conformity to the British Standard EN 14081-1:2005. This wood can be graded as either C16 or C24. The C24 is the stronger grade, but both categories tend to have a similar physical appearance.