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Which Loctite to use for bearings?

Which Loctite to use for bearings?

Loctite 609 Bearing Mount (Green) Retaining Compound, 10ml. Loctite® Bearing Mount 609™ bonds cylindrical slip-fit or press-fit parts to prevent loosening. Excellent for keeping bearings in place in housings or on shafts. Bonds gaps up to 0.005″ (0.13mm).

What is Loctite retaining compound used for?

Retaining compounds are higher strength and designed specifically for bonding components. This stands in opposition to threadlockers that are usually designed to prevent leakage, loosening, and corrosion of threaded fasteners.

What is bearing retaining compound?

Retaining compounds help prevent the distortion of the metal components when used to secure bearings. Simply apply the retaining compound to the outside of the bearing before it is inserted into the casing, so any gaps between the bearing and the housing are sealed.

How strong is Loctite 638?

Technical Data Diametrical clearance: Up to 0.25mm Tensile shear strength: >25 N/mm² Service temperature range: -55°C to +150°C Fixture time on steel: 4 min. High temperature resistance.

Is Green Loctite stronger than red?

Can I use red Loctite instead of green Loctite? Green is stronger; red might give way in a high stress area.

Is Loctite 609 permanent?

None of these retaining compounds are permanent but like I said, the bond can be strong enough that there is the potential for knocking out just the inner race (along with the ball bearings) upon removal, leaving the outer race still in the shell.

How do you get rid of retaining compound?

Removing a stubborn Anaerobic Adhesive: By heating the bond area with a blow-torch, or placing the item in an oven to heat up will help weaken the adhesive.

What is the strongest Loctite adhesive?

Loctite PL Premium Max
Loctite PL Premium Max is our strongest, most durable construction adhesive that remains 100% solid after curing thanks to the unique high solid content adhesive technology.

What is the weakest Loctite?

Loctite Purple
From the lowest side of the spectrum is the Loctite Purple. This strength is perfect for fasteners less than 6mm.

Do you use Loctite on helicoils?

Helicoils designed to be put into dry holes do not use any form of loctite or thread seal. A helicoil when inserted properly will have movement inside hole they are inserted into. This is to alow for expansion and contraction of the metal.

How strong is Loctite 648?

3900 psi shear strength.

What makes a good retaining compound for Loctite?

Keys and splines increase contact surface area, but do not eliminate the gaps which LOCTITE can fill completely. Set screws and pins lock the surfaces together, but do not eliminate the gaps which LOCTITE can fill completely. WHY CHOOSE LOCTITE RETAINING COMPOUNDS?

Which is the best retaining compound for shaft bearings?

LOCTITE offers a diverse range of retaining compounds ideal for diverse applications. But for the best results, it is critical to apply the right kind of LOCTITE retaining compound and increase the reliability of cylindrical fittings like shaft bearings. To choose the best LOCTITE retaining compound, simply answer these three questions:

What kind of bonding is Loctite 660 used for?

LOCTITE® 660 is designed for the bonding of cylindrical fitting parts, particularly where bond gaps occurs such with worn parts, without the need for remachining. The product cures when confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces and prevents loosening and leakage due to shock and vibration.

Which is the best retaining compound for gap filling?

LOCTITE ® retaining compounds offer manufacturers high strength, high temperature, fast curing, and superior gap filling options, with our products displaying either some or all of these characteristics. Commonly used as bearing retaining compounds, the LOCTITE ® range is also suitable for several different industry applications.