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Which oil is better 10W30 or 20w 40?

Which oil is better 10W30 or 20w 40?

20w 40 is a thicker oil when compared to the original 10w 30 oil. So 10w 30 oil is going to flow better than 20w40 oil when you initially start it and also run it. If the oil flows better the better the oil will lubricate and protect engine parts.

What is the difference between 10W30 and 20w 40?

The difference between 10W-30 and a 10W-40 is the high temperature viscosity. Obviously, a 10W-40 is thicker than a 10W-30 at high temperature. Even with a synthetic, however, viscosity changes with temperature. Selecting the correct viscosity for an application requires knowing the operating temperature of the oil.

Is 20w40 thicker than 10W30?

20w40 is thicker at high temperatures than 10w30 It is desirable for lubrication at operating temperatures to be high. 20w40 is better than 10w30 at normal operating conditions.

What is 20w 40 oil used for?

It is premium quality multi-grade engine oil (SAE 20W40), formulated with Beet-oil Protective Synthetic Chemistry, specially developed to meet the requirements of high performance 4 stroke two and three wheelers. It provides strong oil film for lubrication and total protection to engine viz.

Is it OK to put 10W40 in a 10W30?

Mixing 10W30 with 10W40 Some say that mixing them is fine as long as you don’t live in freezing weather. Even if you put together synthetic and conventional blends of these motor oils, they show no harm to your vehicle.

When should I use 20W 50 oil?

20W50 motor oil is suitable for warmer climates, where the higher temperature causes the oil to thin. It is also useful for vehicles subject to hot temperatures and for those used for high-stress activities such as hauling or pulling trailers.

Which is better 10W40 or 20W40?

Differences between 10W40 and 20W40 20w40 oils have a higher ‘W’ number, which means it will not perform well in colder temperatures, that is the only difference between the two oils.

What happens if I use 20W50 instead of 10w40?

Using 10W40 in a car that requires 20W50 can cause damage to the engine if done for an extended period of time. The same applies to using 20W50 in a car that requires 10w40.

Is it OK to use 20W50 oil?