Which Pakistani drama is trending now?

Which Pakistani drama is trending now?

Top 5 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas 2021

  • Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3.
  • Raqs-e-Bismil.
  • Phaans.
  • Raqeeb Se.
  • Pehli Si Muhabbat.

Which is the best new Pakistani drama?

Best Pakistani Dramas 2020

  • Ehd e Wafa.
  • Sabaat.
  • Ishq Zahe Naseeb.
  • Pyar k Sadqay.
  • Kashf.
  • Mushk.
  • Prem Gali.
  • Yeh Dil Mera.

Which is the best drama in Pakistan?

25 Best Pakistani Drama Serial With Great Content To Watch Online

  • 1) Yakeen Ka Safar. The series was released in 2017, and released on the channel HUM TV.
  • 2) Suno Chanda (Season 1 and Season 2)
  • 3) Humsafar.
  • 4) Zindagi Gulzaar Hai.
  • 5) Ehd-e-Wafa.
  • 6) Do Bol.
  • 7) Yeh Dil Mera.
  • 8) Gul-e-Rana.

What is the best Pakistani drama 2020?

  • Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb – Another Top 10 Pakistani Drama for 2020.
  • The Story of Loveless Marriages – Yaariyan!
  • When a Girl Stands Alone to Fight against Rape – Ruswai!
  • A Bundle of Happiness – Suno Chanda 2!
  • Pyar Kay Sadqay – Something Beyond Love!
  • Ishqiya – The Love Triangle!
  • Falling in the Ditch for Chasing Money – Jhooti!

Which Pakistani actor died today?

actor Anwar Iqbal Baloch
Well-known TV and film actor Anwar Iqbal Baloch, who made the first “controversial” Balochi-language film, passed away in Karachi on Thursday after protracted illness, according to family and friends.

Who is the best drama actor in Pakistan?

Top 10 Best Pakistani TV Actors

  • Osama Khalid Butt.
  • Fahad Mustafa.
  • Ahsan Khan.
  • Sheheryar Munawar.
  • Mikaal Zulfiqar.
  • Shehroz Sabzwari.
  • Imran Abbas Naqvi.
  • Fawad Khan.

Who is the most handsome man in Pakistan?

DESIblitz looks at some of Pakistan’s most handsome men.

  • Fawad Khan. Whether it is his piercing eyes, impeccable style or stylish beard, Fawad’s impressive looks make women all over the world swoon.
  • Bilal Ashraf.
  • Shahzad Noor.
  • Ahsan Khan.
  • Shaan.
  • Imran Abbas Naqvi.
  • Mikaal Zulfikar.

Are Pakistani dramas better than Indian?

3. They don’t have a makeup overload covering 90% of the screen. The get up, dressing, makeup, everything is super simple and real in Pakistani TV serials, which just makes it so much more believable than Indian ones in which the makeup overload covers 90% of the screen.

Who is Anwar Iqbal wife?

Anika Anwar
Anwar Iqbal

Muhammad Anwar iqbal
Known for Hammal o Mahganj, Shama Akhri Chattan, Babur
Spouse(s) Anika Anwar
Children Zabad Anwar, Dreen Anwar, Mahrang Anwar, Ayesha Anwar
Parent(s) Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch

Where can I watch Pakistani TV dramas online?

Watch Pakistani Dramas TV Dramas daily latest new episodes online in High Quality Showbiz ARY Digital Dramas GEO Dramas A Plus Dramas PTV Home Dramas Express Entertainment Dramas HUM Sitaray Dramas URDU 1 Dramas

What’s the story of the new Pakistani drama?

From the first episode and the other trailers, the drama looks quite unpredictable which is a good thing since most of the Pakistani dramas have turned very predictable recently. The story is of oppression, love, hatred, extremism, and a lot more.

Which is the most popular ARY drama in Pakistan?

Ary Dramas – Watch all Latest Pakistani Dramas Bandish, Cheekh, Do Bol, Hania, Kaisa Hai Naseeban, Meri Baji, Beti, KhudParast, Ghar Jamai, Namak Parey… Ishq Hai is a love story of a boy, madly in love with a girl, who goes against all odds to achieve his love.

Which is the year of Entertainment in Pakistan?

2020 was the year of the Pakistani entertainment industry. Many dramas saw the light of the day and many entered the hearts of people as well. 2021 is also expected to be the same because we have already so many dramas flooding our TV screens.