Who are the actors in Freaks and Geeks?

Who are the actors in Freaks and Geeks?

Series cast summary: Linda Cardellini Lindsay Weir 18 episodes, 1999-2000 Jerry Messing Gordon Crisp 11 episodes, 1999-2000 Natasha Melnick Cindy Sanders 10 episodes, 1999-2000 Stephen Lea Sheppard Harris Trinsky 10 episodes, 1999-2000 Chauncey Leopardi Alan White 8 episodes, 1999-2000

What was the error code for Freaks and Geeks?

(Error Code: 102630) A high school mathlete starts hanging out with a group of burnouts while her younger brother navigates his freshman year. Nick explores disco, Lindsay listens to the Grateful Dead, and Daniel tries something new.

How old is John Francis Daley in Freaks and Geeks?

John Francis Daley is the only cast member to be the age of his character (14) during filming. See more » When Lindsay first enters the school in “Tricks and Treats”, we see the same girl walking behind her, then walking towards her, then behind her again. See more »

What happens at make out party in Freaks and Geeks?

Nick stays with the Weirs after a fight with his father and the geeks go to a make-out party. Error: please try again. When Bill talks about being allergic to peanuts in class, Alan tries to prove he’s lying but Bill ends up in the hospital after an allergic reaction.

Series Cast Linda Cardellini Lindsay Weir 18 episodes, 1999-2000 John Francis Daley Sam Weir 18 episodes, 1999-2000 James Franco Daniel Desario 18 episodes, 1999-2000 Samm Levine Neal Schweiber 18 episodes, 1999-2000 Seth Rogen Ken Miller 18 episodes, 1999-2000

When was the first season of Freaks and Geeks?

It’s been 22 years since NBC’s “Freaks and Geeks” made its way into living rooms everywhere for the first time. Set in 1980, the beloved teen comedy-drama followed a group of misfit high-school students as they dealt with the struggles of growing up and fitting in.

Who are the transfer students in Freaks and Geeks?

E7 Sam, Neal, and Bill befriend a pretty new transfer student, but soon fear of losing her to the popular crowd and try to win her over with a series of fun things they plan for her. Lindsay, N… Read all

Who was Sam Weir in Freaks and Geeks?

John Francis Daley played Sam Weir, one of the lead geeks and Lindsay’s younger brother. Sam Weir got bullied quite a bit. On the show, Sam was known for his caring personality. He was frequently at the center of painfully embarrassing situations, like falling for the wrong girl and getting egged on Halloween.