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Who are the characters in Qubool Hai TV serial?

Who are the characters in Qubool Hai TV serial?

The story revolves around Zoya, a NRI, who comes to Bhopal in search of her biological father. Zoya’s cousin forces her to get married but she escapes and lands in the house of Khans where she falls in love with Asad. Zoya and Asad get married but their life turns into one big roller coaster ride.

What happens to Armaan and Mahira in Qubool Hai?

Mahira takes care of Armaan and they fall in love with each other. Khan Begum is now powerless, and Mahira and Armaan get married, ending Qubool Hai.

Which is the last season of Qubool Hai?

It ends with Tanveer’s death and reunion of Sanam and Aahil. In the third season, the story starts with reflects the incomplete love of Aahil and Sanam, life of Shaad Aftaab Khan (Varun Toorkey), Sanam’s revenge for her sister, husband and her family.

Who is the impostor in the book Qubool Hai?

The impostor Sanam tries to sell Seher to a brothel, but the real Sanam reaches her in time to rescue her. However, during the escape, Seher dies. Sanam, unaware of this, searches for her sister and reaches to Lahore .

Who are Asad and Zoya in Qubool Hai?

This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) It is the story of Asad and Zoya — two individuals who have surrendered to their ideals. One to the cause of his country, another to her duty towards her family.

Why is Qubool Hai so popular in India?

Qubool Hai is a show which many viewers watched and adored. The show had a different concept of breaking stereotypes regarding Islam. The show gained a lot of popularity it became the country’s second most watched show. Also the show was popular due to the passion and sizzling chemistry the makers showed between their lead couples.

When does Qubool Hai air on Zee TV?

It airs every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm IST. The show became highly popular within a few months and within 5 months of its launch the show became the no.1 show on Zee TV. The show focuses on the Muslim community and aims to dispel stereotypes regarding Islam.

Who was Ayaan’s best friend in Qubool Hai?

Humeira had always loved Ayaan, but Ayaan always considered her his best friend. They have a tiff where Ayaan angrily states that he didn’t love her and Humeirah, hurt, ran away from the house.

Who is daughter of Tanveer Kapoor in Qubool Hai?

Sanam , Aahils love lands in Pakistan as Jannat and meets Shaad and Shaad tells her they are married. Tanveer’s daughter Misbah aka Shashi Kapoor creates trouble in their lives.