Who are the hosts of no agenda no agenda?

Who are the hosts of no agenda no agenda?

No Agenda No Agenda, a show where former VJ Adam Curry and columnist John C. Dvorak, two experts from the media industry, have a conversation about politics. Twice a week they deconstruct the news cycle and give insights into the narrative of the mainstream media, political campaigns and the government. Subscribe to the podcast

Where does your artwork go on No Agenda?

Your artwork will be added to the submissions gallery and, if accepted, will be added to the Accepted Artwork gallery for posterity. If you don’t want to make artwork, you can browse the galleries when you are in-between listening to the show and punching people in the mouth.

What’s the purpose of No Agenda album art generator?

The purpose of the Album Art Generator is to help producers of the No Agenda Show submit and create album cover art for Adam and John to choose from. To use the tool, create an account and then choose “Submit Artwork.”

When did the No Agenda radio show start?

A primer has been produced for newer listeners, both as an introduction and a discussion of the show. No Agenda debuted in October 2007. Its premise was that the co-founder (Curry) and then vice-president (Dvorak) of mevio (until Oct. 2012) would have an unfiltered dialogue.

What is the magic number for no agenda?

Certain numbers are used repeatedly in the show: 33 is the “magic” number, “double nickels on the dime” (55.10) as the donation amount to become a “No Agenda Minuteman”, $111.11 as “make it rain (dollar bills)”, and $999.99 being the amount of donation to become a No Agenda “Knight”.

Where to find no agenda on the Internet?

The official No Agenda livestream and chatroom. The official No Agenda social network. The Best Podcast in the Universe in cartoon form. Upload your own No Agenda cover art. The official place for No Agenda meetups. Order your knight ring here. Advanced search engine for the shownotes.

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Where can I find the agenda for a TCEQ meeting?

The agendas can be viewed on this TCEQ web site a minimum of eight days before the agenda meeting. All filed documents can be viewed by visiting the Office of the Chief Clerk during regular business hours.