Who are the members of the Saarang Festival?

Who are the members of the Saarang Festival?

Saarang is a not-for-profit, entirely student-run, ISO 9001:2015 organisation. All organising members of the festival are current students of IIT Madras. 450 coordinators are organised as per function, in 12 departments, each headed by a ‘core coordinator’.

Which is the most famous note of Raag Saarang?

Raag Saarang famous since centuries is an easy sweet and a raag loved by people. Notes of various folk songs are based on this raag. The sweet notes of this raag can be heard on the shepherd’s flute and on the harp (been) of the snake charmer. On hearing these notes the snake gets mesmerized and starts dancing.

Who are the sponsors of Saarang in India?

Some of the other companies that have been sponsoring various events of Saarang are Max, Vodafone Essar, Bharti Airtel, Nokia, SBI, Exprez, Canara Bank, Derby, Wildcraft, Durex Jeans, Pepe Jeans, Aircel, Times of India, Freecharge, INOX, McDonald’s, TATA Tion, isoft, Club Mahindra Holidays . ^ “Saarang 2011 web site”.

When do the competitive events start in Saarang?

Competitive events are held throughout Saarang and registration begins in December through their website. There are events in every field of art, dance, music, apart from literary events and group events like Scavenger Hunt. There are also informal stalls set up every day for spectators to participate in many small events.

How long is Saarang Festival at IIT Madras?

Saarang (means ‘ Chital ‘ or Spotted Deer in Sanskrit, a common sight on IIT Madras campus) is the annual social and cultural festival of IIT Madras. It is a 5 day long festival usually extending from Wednesday to the second Sunday of the year which receives a footfall of over 60,000+ people from over 500 colleges all across the country.