Who created the wide 9 defense?

Who created the wide 9 defense?

Last summer, Jim Washburn was brought to Philadelphia by Andy Reid to build a solid defensive line.

What was Buddy Ryan’s defense?

46 defense
The 46 defense was originally developed and popularized with the Chicago Bears by their defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, who later became head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals.

What is the 9 technique?

Wide 9 technique is an alignment and technique designation for defensive linemen. A wide 9 technique player is often a speed pass rusher, who aligns well outside the offensive tackle, or even outside the tight end. This player uses pure speed and agility to get to the quarterback.

Who invented the 43 defense?

The invention of the 4–3 is often attributed to legendary coach Tom Landry, in the 1950s, while serving as the Defensive Coordinator of the New York Giants, as a way to stop Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown. Others attribute the creation of the 4–3 to Chicago Bears Hall of Fame linebacker, Bill George.

What is the Wide 9 defense?

A “Wide 9” scheme is a 4-3 base that moves the defensive ends from their normal position in the 7-technique (between the tight end and the tackle) and shifts them out wider so that they are starting on the outside shoulder of the tight end.

What is nickel Wide 9?

Typically, the “Wide-9” technique player is a pure pass rusher, and usually a speed rusher to be more specific. He aligns himself out wide, angled back toward the quarterback, and has limited run responsibility on the play.

Who is Rex Ryan’s wife?

Michelle Ryanm. 1987
Rex Ryan/Wife

Personal life. Ryan and his wife, Michelle, met at Southwestern Oklahoma State. When Rex accepted his position as a graduate assistant at Eastern Kentucky, he proposed to Michelle by phone; she accepted and they were married in 1987.

Is Buddy Ryan still living?

Deceased (1934–2016)
Buddy Ryan/Living or Deceased

What is a 0 technique in football?

An even number, including zero, means the defensive lineman is aligned directly over the corresponding offensive lineman. For example, a 0-technique defensive tackle aligns himself directly over the center – typically a “nose tackle” – while a 2-technique aligns himself over the guard.

What is a 7 technique in football?

A 7 technique is a defensive end used mainly in four down fronts who aligns himself on the inside shoulder of the tight end. This position serves a key function for even fronts because this player controls the C gap where many off-tackle runs end up.

Who has a 4-3 defense?

Teams currently deploying the 4–3 defense The New York Jets used variations of the 4–3 for the 2012 NFL season against spread offenses, but will stick with the 3–4 defense as its base. The Patriots run a hybrid defense including elements from both the 4–3, and 3–4 defense.

Why are defensive linemen called wide Nines?

It is, in short, the defensive end getting in pure position to rush the passer. It’s called a “wide nine” because the technique, i.e. the specific alignment, of defensive linemen is categorized by a numerical system often credited to Bear Bryant (and also to Bum Phillips). The “nine” technique is the one outside the tight-end.

What does the wide nine on the Philadelphia Eagles mean?

This refers to a technique the Philadelphia Eagles have used this season, where the defensive end in a four down lineman front slides a few inches or a foot or so to the outside and sometimes will tilt towards the quarterback. It is, in short, the defensive end getting in pure position to rush the passer.

When did the 6-2 defense become popular in football?

Yellow triangles are linemen, yellow squares are linebackers, yellow circles are defensive backs. The 6-2 is a defense that became popular in the 1930s due to the demands of the improving passing attacks of the time. In the early 1930s, pro football’s passing rules were liberalized.

What was the purpose of the 6-2 defense?

Stemming from the Wide Tackle 6 front is the Stacked 6-2. In this formation, the linebackers line up behind the guards instead. An important function of ends in the original 6-2 or 5-3 defense were as penetrating linemen. Ends were often asked to crash (rush) at 30 to 45 degree angles from the vertical.