Who did Sami cheat on EJ with?

Who did Sami cheat on EJ with?

Abigail Deveraux
Sami and EJ get married, but Sami only married him for revenge as she finds out about his affair with Abigail Deveraux. She has known for weeks and has set EJ up to send him to prison for 10 years, denying bail for tax evasion.

Does EJ find out about Sami and Lucas?

He and Sami happily reunited. And yet… his wife has been keeping a huge secret from him. A secret EJ just found out about before Days of Our Lives went on an Olympic-sized two-week break. Nicole was all too happy to be the one to hand-deliver Kristen’s letter to EJ, spelling out Sami’s tryst with her ex-husband, Lucas.

Who killed EJ DiMera?

EJ DiMera
Gender Male
Born February 21, 1982
Died October 10, 2014
Death cause Shot and killed by his own henchman, Miguel

Is Sami coming back to Days of Our Lives?

Days of our Lives fans will have to say goodbye to Sami Brady again, as her portrayer, Alison Sweeney, reveals that she will be leaving the canvas this week. That will spell the end of the actress’ most recent return stint, but she teases that it definitely won’t be the last that DAYS fans see of Sami.

How old is EJ on Days of Our Lives?


EJ DiMera
Born February 27, 1979 (Originally 1997 revised 1982)
Age 42
Occupation Race Car Driver (former) Lawyer (former) Mobster (former) Businessman (former) Politician (former)
Title Mayor (former)

Did Claire leave Days of Our Lives?

Days of our Lives’ Claire Brady will soon be exiting Salem, bringing portrayer Isabel Durant’s time as Shawn and Belle’s daughter to an end. According to official show teasers, Claire will be presented with an exciting opportunity on Thursday, August 19, and the character will leave Salem on Friday, August 20.

What happened to Lucas on Days of Our Lives?

Lucas was crushed and decided to leave town to get his head together, but when he returned around the holidays, it was only to break things off with Chloe so he could return to Europe because his daughter, Allie, needed him. After saying goodbye to his friends and family, Lucas promised to return someday.

Is Sami Brady coming back to days?

Is EJ DiMera coming back to Days of Our Lives?

Although the character was killed off in 2014, a mysterious patient covered in bandages played by Trey Baxter was revealed to be EJ back from the dead in 2018. After leaving town for a while, the character was brought back to the canvas in June 2021, now played by actor Dan Feuerriegel.