Who does Cassia end up with in code realize?

Who does Cassia end up with in code realize?

Arsène Lupin He takes her, along side Impey to London in which the plot of the game happens. Cardia marries him in the anime.

How do you unlock the Lupin code?

Lupin is unlocked once you’ve captured all four of the other characters first. – You do not need to get any Normal or Bad Endings to obtain all CGs EXCEPT for Lupin’s Normal Ending (Thank you Rebecca for pointing this out!)

Do people really dress up as Arsene Lupin?

And here is where the answer is tricky, in a fun way: Arsène Lupin is not a real person, but he is a real fictional character outside of Lupin the series. Lupin operates under a Robin Hood-esque moral code of stealing from the wealthy and/or those who gained their wealth by taking advantage of the less fortunate.

How old is Cardia from Code realize?

Younger Than They Look: Due to being a homunculus, Cardia is actually no more than about six years old, and has only been aware for two years of that time.

Does code realize have a happy ending?

As Cardia is about to be consumed by Isaac’s ambitions, she is rescued by Lupin, who then turns to face Isaac. However, “Code: Realize” has already been achieved, and Isaac declares himself a god who controls the world. In the end, though, Isaac is defeated, and sometime later Lupin and Cardia marry.

How many endings are in code realize?

Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth/Walkthrough You play as Cardia, who must make choices that increase the other characters’ affection for her as well as advance the story toward three potential endings: bad, normal, and good. Affection determines which route the story will take following the common route.

How many code realize games are there?

How many Code: Realize games are there? There are three Code: Realize games out there.

Is Raoul dead Lupin?

With Assane by his side, the pair finally manage to track down Leonard and Raoul to an abandoned house in the French countryside. Thankfully, Raoul survives his kidnapping ordeal, but not before some traumatic scenes.

What did Arsène Lupin steal?

Arsene Lupin — the anti-hero of a series of French crime stories published 100 years ago — really did steal Sherlock Holmes’ watch.

Does Code: Realize have a happy ending?

How many endings are in Code: Realize?

How many chapters does Code realize have?

thirteen chapters
It is fairly short, with only thirteen chapters in each route. The common route ends at chapter eight, so there are five unique chapters per character. There’s also additional content accessible from the main menu once you clear a character’s route.