Who is General Fiyah dad?

Who is General Fiyah dad?

Rob Pome
Nicholas Pome, who goes by the stage name General Fiyah, is the son of founding member Rob Pome, and features on their summer anthem Love and Affection, which was released on Thursday.

Is General Fiyah a Tongan?

Awarding winning 14-year-old South Auckland singer General Fiyah aka Lotima Pome’e is one of the stars of action-comedy film The Legend of Baron To’a. Lotima Pome’e in The Legend of Baron To’a. He says the character is pretty similar to him, “I like to talk a lot and I’m also Tongan.

What nationality is Three Houses Down?

Over the past decade, Three Houses Down have established themselves as one of New Zealand’s musical exports. With tours and success all over the world, along with a dedicated following at home, 2016 will see Three Houses Down release what is poised to be one of NZ’s finest reggae releases to date.

How old is Three Houses Down?

Three Houses Down was formed in 2004 by Robert Pome’e, Lisiate Langi, Sione Pome’e, Charlie Pome’e, Loiola Pome’e (the five founding members) and their friends and family after Rob left another band that was based – three houses up the road from their parents home.

What is General Fiyah real name?

singer Lotima Poume’e
Amongst the group of musicians is emerging star and 14-year-old singer Lotima Poume’e, who is known by his stage name General Fiyah.

What culture is General Fiyah?

Twelve-year-old Lotima Nicholas Pome’e, aka General Fiyah, co-wrote and was lead singer for the catchy Island Reggae tune Here to Stay. The song has already had more than half a million views on YouTube and has seen the young talent nominated for Best Pacific Male Artist and Best Pacific Song awards.

How old is Fiyah?

He might be only 13-years-old, but General Fiyah is already making waves in the New Zealand music scene. In 2016, General Fiyah (Lotima Nicholas Pome’e) was introduced to the public as a member of highly successful reggae band Three Houses Down, which his father and uncles are a part of.