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Who is Jim Rogers and what does he do?

Who is Jim Rogers and what does he do?

In this video, we speak to Jim Rogers. Jim Rogers is a famed commodities investor & investor in Gold & Silver. Jim discusses his belief that a major stock market crash & us dollar collapse could eventually come. He discusses how it’s historically impossible for this major bubble to continue forever.

Why is Jim Rogers so worried about bitcoin?

Macro investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers says governments may take steps to ban Bitcoin if the cryptocurrency begins seriously threatening the future of fiat currencies. In a new video, Rogers argues that if Bitcoin’s use case as a currency solidifies then there is a real danger of it usurping fiat currencies.

What did Jim Rogers say about the stock market?

Rogers predicts the stock market will experience jitters until the Federal Reserve increases borrowing costs. That, he says, will be the point when stocks go up again. He said he’ll buy an agriculture index today, reiterating his view that prices of such commodities have been depressed for some time.

When was Jim Rogers birthday on Black Monday?

Rogers tells Pal that this current market environment, marked by record-low mutual fund cash levels and high levels of investing on margin, reminds him somewhat of the conditions prior to the “Black Monday” sell-off on October 19, 1987, which actually occurred on Rogers’ birthday.

Is the stock market in a bubble Jim Rogers?

The hype around “hot” stocks, the retail-investing boom, and the surge in listings of special-purpose acquisition vehicles (SPACs) are all signs of an expanding stock-market bubble, veteran investor Jim Rogers said in a RealVision interview released on Monday.

What did Jim Rogers say about the next bear market?

Jim Rogers, 75, says the next bear market in stocks will be more catastrophic than any other market downturn that he’s lived through. The veteran investor says that’s because even more debt has accumulated in the global economy since the financial crisis, especially in the U.S.