Who is responsible for a car pile-up?

Who is responsible for a car pile-up?

In circumstances where there is a pile-up of three or more vehicles, a car will still be at fault for rear-ending another vehicle unless it was pushed by the car behind. Vehicles that are pushed into the vehicle in front by the car behind and who have no control over the collision will not be at fault.

What happened on i15 in Utah?

Officials said it was a single-vehicle crash involving a semi hauling double trailers. Utah Highway Patrol spokesperson Cameron Roden said it appeared there was some kind of mechanical issue that led the semi to veer out of its lane. The semi struck the middle cement barrier, ejecting the driver who died at the scene.

Where was the 20 car pile-up in Utah?

KANOSH, Utah (AP) — At least seven people were killed in a 20-vehicle pileup during a sandstorm Sunday afternoon, Utah Highway Patrol said. The crashes happened on Interstate 15 near the town of Kanosh, according to a news release. Several people were reportedly taken to hospitals in critical condition.

Do police determine fault?

The police report, while valuable in the assignment of liability, does not ultimately determine who bears the fault for the accident. Your insurance company may look at the police report and other evidence they deem relevant and assign fault.

Who is liable owner or driver?

The California Vehicle Code states that the owner of a motor vehicle is responsible for damages caused during the operation of the vehicle even if another person is driving the vehicle with implied or express permission from the owner. Therefore, automobile insurance follows the vehicle, not the person.

Why is i15 closed in Las Vegas?

North Las Vegas police spokesman Alexander Cuevas later confirmed the closure was caused by an individual armed with two knives who was on top of an overpass overlooking the interstate.

Where is sandstorm in Utah?

Climate scientists have said this year’s historic drought is fueled by climate change, which decreases precipitation and causes more soil-drying heat waves. A sandstorm in Millard County, Utah, led to a series of deadly crashes on I-15, officials said July 25.