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Who is Susie in Inbetweeners movie?

Who is Susie in Inbetweeners movie?

Sophie Colquhoun

Actor Role
Sophie Colquhoun Susie
Carolin Stoltz Woman on Jay’s Laptop
Etalia Turnbull Jay’s Sister
Dominic Frisby Customer

Who plays Mrs reynholm crowd?

Barbara Reynholm is played by British actress, Belinda Stewart-Wilson.

What is Will’s mum called?

Polly McKenzie
Polly McKenzie (born September 25, 1971) is Will’s mother who is a sexual idol to many of the students of Rudge Park.

What happened to Douglas wife in IT Crowd?

Douglas was born to Denholm Reynholm and his first wife. Denholm later divorced this wife and was remarried to Barbara Reynholm. In his adulthood, Douglas married Melissa Reynholm, however, the relationship came to a halt when Douglas murdered his wife, possibly due to setting their house on fire.

Who plays April in the IT crowd?

Lucy Montgomery
Lucy Montgomery (actress)

Lucy Montgomery
Born Epsom, Surrey, England
Nationality British
Education Jesus College, Cambridge Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Occupation Actress comedian writer

Why do British people say mum?

In British English, it is mostly used as a sign of repect for a woman of superior rank, say, in the military or police. In the film clip, Keeley Hawes appears to be playing the Prime Minister, whose bodyguard addresses her as ‘ma’am’ with the reduced vowel.

Is mum British or American?

One word in particular that stands out in English dialects is the word we use for our mothers. The British typically use ‘mum’, and the Americans, ‘mom’.

Who is the richest Inbetweener?

As of 2021, Blake Harrison’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $18 Million. Blake Harrison is an English actor from London. He is best-known for playing Neil Sutherland in the BAFTA-winning E4 comedy ‘The Inbetweeners’.