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Who is the lead singer of the bluebells?

Who is the lead singer of the bluebells?

This week, we caught up with Ken McCluskey, the lead singer of 80s indie new wave band, The Bluebells to discuss the re-release of the 1984 Bluebells album Sisters, working alongside Elvis Costello and running the Electric Honey Record Label at Glasgow Kelvin College… 1.

Where are the band The Bluebells from?

Scotland, United Kingdom
The Bluebells/Origin

How many hits did the bluebells have?

They had three Top 40 hits in the UK Singles Chart, all written by guitarist and founder member Bobby Bluebell (real name Robert Hodgens) – “I’m Falling”, “Cath”, and their biggest success “Young at Heart”.

Why do bluebells grow in woods?

Often dominating the forest floor with a violet-blue carpet, affectionately called ‘bluebell woods”, bluebells flower and leaf early in Spring and do most of their growing before the woodland canopy closes over. They grow well in old, dense woodland because the thick foliage limits the growth of other competing flora.

What was a Bluebell girl?

The Bluebell Girls were the brainchild of Margaret Kelly, who at the age of 22 decided to create her own band of elite dancers in Paris. The Girls first performed in 1948, debuting at the LIDO de Paris with a show called Confetti.

Why are Spanish bluebells bad?

English and Spanish bluebells (and presumably the hybrids) are poisonous. They contain chemicals called glycosides, which are toxic for humans, dogs, horses, and cows. All parts of the plant are toxic. Eating any part of the plant can trigger nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a decrease in the heart rate.

Is it legal to pick bluebells?

The bluebell is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). This means digging up the plant or bulb in the countryside is prohibited and landowners are prohibited from removing bluebells from their land to sell.

Is Bluebell a name?

The name Bluebell is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “blue bell”. Bluebell is one flower name that is used very quietly.

Where do the Bluebell Girls perform?

the LIDO cabaret
The Bluebell Girls celebrate 70 years at the LIDO cabaret in Paris.

Are Spanish bluebells illegal?

It is not an offence to have Spanish bluebells or the hybrids on your land and you do not need to notify anyone on its presence. Soils containing the plant are classified as controlled waste and should be disposed of at licensed landfill.

Is it illegal to plant Spanish bluebells?

Why is it illegal to dig up bluebells?

The bluebell is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). The species was also listed on Schedule 8 of the Act in 1998, which makes trading in wild bluebell bulbs and seeds an offence. This legislation was designed to protect bluebell from unscrupulous bulb collectors who supply garden centres.