Who is the Little Seamstress?

Who is the Little Seamstress?

One day, a young girl, granddaughter of a tailor from the neighbouring village and known to everyone as the Little Seamstress (Zhou Xun), comes by with her grandfather to listen to Ma play violin.

Who is four eyes in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Four-Eyes Character Analysis. Four-Eyes is another young man undergoing re-education in a village on Phoenix of the Sky. He’s the only one on the mountain who wears glasses, and he lives in constant fear that the peasants will never release him from the mountain to the life he loved at home.

Does the narrator like the Little Seamstress?

Because of who his parents are, the narrator’s chances of returning from re-education are three in a thousand. Despite this inspiration, the narrator situates himself as a passive observer to the relationship between Luo and the Little Seamstress (a beautiful village girl with whom the narrator is also in love).

What is the theme of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie is a literarily rich novel that explores the themes of love, coming of age, reading, education, censorship and beauty through the story of three teenagers, two boys and one girl, affected by China’s Cultural Revolution.

Why did Luo punch the narrator?

Why does Luo punch the narrator? Luo is angry and upset about his dad and the narrator shows affection toward his father, making Luo punch him.

How did the Little Seamstress change?

In the months after her abortion, the Little Seamstress uses what she learns from Balzac’s novels to transform herself into a stylish city girl: she cuts her hair into a bob, adopts a Chengdu accent, and makes herself a bra. …

What did the narrator find in four-eyes home?

The narrator helps Four-Eyes find his glasses, stepping on them but not breaking them. Four-Eyes is impressed at how sick Luo looks and tells them to wait at his house. The door is unlocked.

Why does the Little Seamstress leave Phoenix Mountain?

Why does the Seamstress leave at the end of the novel? The Little Seamstress explains that she leaves because she learned about the power of a woman’s beauty. One could understand the sentiment as superficial: she wishes to exploit her beauty in the city.

Why did Luo want to read the book to the Little Seamstress?

By reading Balzac to her, Luo intends to make the Little Seamstress cultured enough to be worthy of his affections, but his education has an unintended effect: she gains the confidence and vision to leave the mountain for good by herself.

What fear does Luo face at the Little Seamstress?

terrified of heights
The narrator explains that Luo is terrified of heights and he relates a childhood experience in which Luo was too scared to climb a water tower. The fact that Luo is willing to face his fears to see the Little Seamstress shows how much he cares, both about her and his project of civilizing her.

What does the violin symbolize in Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress?

The Violin The narrator’s violin is a symbol of the power of storytelling and also of the way out of reeducation. When the village headman first sees the violin, he wants to destroy it. Therefore, the violin represents his hope.

Why does Luo punch the narrator at the end of chapter?

These chapters begin the theme of friendship. The narrator describes Luo as “the best friend I ever had.” Although Luo punched the narrator, it was because he was upset that the narrator saw his father be humiliated, rather than because of something the narrator did.