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Who is the master distiller at Willett?

Who is the master distiller at Willett?

Distiller Drew Kulsveen
This year, Master Distiller Drew Kulsveen of Willett Distillery has been named a finalist for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirit Producer. We spoke briefly with Kulsveen to learn more about both his and the distillery’s growth over the past 20 years. Drew Kulsveen.

Who owns the Willett Distillery?

Thompson Willett
He got to know Thompson Willett, owner of what is now Willett Distillery, while working as a glass decanter craftsman. He married Willett�s daughter, Martha, and together Even and Martha purchased the distillery property from her father in 1984. His expertise in export markets became an immediate and imperative value.

Is Willett bourbon rare?

Of course, the cult-like fanaticism surrounding Willett hinges on more than just great whiskey. As is often the case in the world of spirits, its rarity—each individual release consists of approximately 20 times fewer bottles than Pappy—contributes to its perceived cachet.

Does Willett distill their own bourbon?

Though the old family recipes are still in use, wheated bourbon, which is smoother and sweeter, drives Willett’s distilling nowadays. There are more updates, too. In terms of distilling, Kulsveen is experimenting with stave curing and different barrel woods.

Does Willett source whiskey?

Willett Distillery, also known as Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD), Ltd., is a private family-owned and -operated company that produces bourbon and rye whiskey. Over the years the company has bottled whiskeys that range from 2 years of aging maturity up to 28 years.

What distillery makes Willett bourbon?

Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon is brand of a bourbon whiskey produced in Bardstown, Kentucky by the Willett Distillery. It is a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey brand introduced in 2008 and bottled at 47% abv, with 8–10 year aging.

What bourbon can you buy at Willett Distillery?

Old Bardstown 90 Proof 45% alc./vol. ( 90 proof)

  • Old Bardstown Bottled In Bond 50% alc./vol. ( 100 proof)
  • Old Bardstown Estate Bottled 50.5% alc./vol. ( 101 proof)
  • Johnny Drum Black Label 43% alc./vol. ( 86 proof)
  • Johnny Drum Private Stock 50.5% alc./vol. ( 101 proof)
  • Kentucky Vintage 45% alc./vol. (
  • What does Willett sell at the distillery?

    Willett Distillery, also known as Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD), Ltd., is a private family-owned and -operated company that produces bourbon and rye whiskey….Willett Distillery.

    Type Private
    Products bourbon and rye whiskey

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    • Elijah Craig 23 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon.
    • Old Forester 2008 Birthday Bourbon.
    • Four Roses Al Young 50th Anniversary Small Batch Bourbon.
    • Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23 Year.
    • Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

    What is the most sought after bourbon?

    12 World’s Most Expensive Bourbons To Add To Your Bucket List

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    • Old Rip Van Winkle ‘Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve’ Straight Bourbon (23-Year Old)
    • Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon (20-Year Old Double Rare)

    How much does a bottle of Willett Bourbon cost?

    Retail price for a 750 mL bottle of Willett Pot Still Reserve varies widely – in some areas this bottle retails for under $40, while in others the price approaches $60. Appearance: In a glass, Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon appears a medium copper brown.

    How much is a bottle of Willett Bourbon?

    Moreover, pricing for Willett Pot Still Reserve spans quite a range, from about $40 – $60 depending where you look.