Who is the owner of villa Leopolda?

Who is the owner of villa Leopolda?

As stated before, Villa Leopolda is currently owned by a Russian tycoon, Mikhail Prokhorov, who bought the mansion for 300 million euros August 8th, 2008. The mansion is located in the hills of Villefranche-sur-mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a few kilometers from the Mediterranean city of Nice.

How much does Villa Leopolda cost?

The Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer in France will cost you a few hundred million. In 2008, Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-mer in France was valued at €500 million, about $750 million, reports CBS Money Watch. The Villa was built in 1902 by Belgium’s King Leopold II as a gift to one of his mistresses.

How big is villa Leopolda?

29,000 square feet
Situated on the French Riviera, this 11-bedroom, 14-bathroom mansion has 29,000 square feet of interior space that opens to manicured lawns and a swimming pool. The spiraling outdoor staircases, balconies and terraces have waterfront views and of the surrounding hillsides.

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  4. Witanhurst.
  5. Villa Les Cedres, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.

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Bill Gates’ $125 Million Medina, WA Home Called “Xanadu 2.0,” Gates’ main home in Medina, WA features over 66,000 square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, and 6 kitchens.

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