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Who is the villain in 24 season 3?

Who is the villain in 24 season 3?

The main antagonists in this act are Michael Amador, Ramon Salazar, Hector Salazar, and Nina Myers.

What is wrong with Jack Bauer in Season 3?

Jack is revealed to be addicted to heroin, but is trying to quit. Kyle Singer, a young American man, has been given a task by Hector’s group. “Day 3: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.” Kim tells Jack about her relationship with Edmunds.

Who kills Nina Myers?

Jack Bauer

Nina Myers
Significant other(s): Marcus Alvers (slept with) Tony Almeida (ex-boyfriend) Jack Bauer (ex-boyfriend)
Died: Day 3: 2:59am Shot by Jack Bauer
Status: Deceased
Played by: Sarah Clarke

What happened to Jack Bauer’s daughter?

Nina attempts to shoot Kim but Jack kills her before she can. Kim is eventually brought into the field, as Jane Saunder’s double. When her identity is discovered and she is attacked, she is forced to shoot and kill her assailant.

Why did James Badge Dale leave 24?

Writer and executive producer Manny Coto stated that Dale was approached about returning for a guest spot on 24 during Season 5, but according to Dale’s agent, he wanted no part of returning to the series. However, in the official 24 Magazine, Dale stated that there was a scheduling conflict.

What happened to Chase Edmunds?

Chase Edmunds was a federal agent who worked undercover for CTU Washington D.C., and was later a field agent and Jack Bauer’s partner at CTU Los Angeles….

Chase Edmunds
Died: Shortly after Day 8 Shot in the chest by Benjamin Rydell
Status: Deceased
Played by: James Badge Dale
Season(s): 3

Why did Nina betray Jack?

Nina wanted to deflect her own involvement by fingering Jamey. Nina purposefully brings Kim and Teri to the safe house, essentially setting a trap for them to be recaptured. She then leads Teri to realize that she and Jack were lovers, turning Teri against her and giving her an excuse to leave.