Who owns the Peel Group?

Who owns the Peel Group?

Intu Trafford Centre Group Limited
The Peel Group/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of Peel Holdings?

Steven Underwood
Steven Underwood. Steven is the Chief Executive of the Peel Group, one of the UK’s largest privately owned real estate, transport and infrastructure investors.

Does Peel Holdings own INTU?

The Peel Group has a 24.6% stake in Intu, which fell into administration on Friday after failing to strike a deal with lenders to pay down its estimated £4.5bn in debt. “As a result, our investment in Intu has been a relatively small part of the group’s investment portfolio since 2017.

What airports do peel own?

Peel’s aviation interests include four airports across the North of England and a heliport at City Airport Manchester. Peel has invested more than £300 million in airports and associated infrastructure – our key airports are Liverpool John Lennon and Doncaster Sheffield.

Do Peel Holdings own the Trafford Centre?

Trafford Centre – now owned by Intu but Peel maintain a 24.63% stake in Intu.

How much did Trafford Centre cost to build?

Construction took 27 months at a cost of £600 million – approximately £1 billion in 2016.

How did John Whittaker make his money?

Born on 14 March 1942, John Whittaker earned his wealth as the Chairman of the Peel Group, a private diverse company. After graduating from Ampleforth College and considering becoming a priest, he finally decided to join the family business, Peel Milles.

Is INTU Trafford Centre closing?

The Trafford Centre has confirmed it is no longer part of the Intu brand and is under new management. It comes after Intu fell into administration in June, leaving the future of the Trafford Centre hanging in the balance. Intu operated the Trafford Centre for close to eight years.

What does the Peel Group own?

The Peel Group (commonly known by its former name Peel Holdings) is an infrastructure, transport and real estate investment group. It owns holdings in land and property, transport, logistics, retail, energy and media.

Who owns the Trafford Centre?

CPP Investment Board
The Trafford Centre/Owners
CPP has acquired the 2.2m sq ft shopping centre in Trafford, Greater Manchester, through its wholly owned subsidiary CPPIB Credit Investments.

Who bought the Trafford Centre 2020?

CPPIB Credit Investments

Who first owned the Trafford Centre?

The site was owned by the Manchester Ship Canal Company until 1986, when the company was acquired by John Whittaker of Peel Holdings, who had plans to build an out-of-town shopping centre.