Who owns Thunder Horse oil rig?

Who owns Thunder Horse oil rig?

Thunder Horse deep-water oil and gas field is located 240km off the west coast of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. It is operated by British Petroleum (BP, 75%) and co-owned by ExxonMobil (25%). The offshore field commenced production in June 2008.

Where is the Thunder Horse platform?

deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Thunder Horse PDQ is a BP plc and ExxonMobil joint venture semi-submersible oil platform on location over the Mississippi Canyon Thunder Horse oil field (Block 778/822), in deepwater Gulf of Mexico, 150 miles (240 km) southeast of New Orleans, moored in waters of 1,840 metres (6,040 ft).

How big is BP Thunder Horse?

The Thunder Horse is BP’s largest production and drilling platform in the Gulf; it can house nearly 300 workers in its living quarters. 6,050feet. the height of the Washington Monument.

What happened to BP Thunder Horse rig in 2005?

The near sinking of Thunder Horse in 2005 was caused by a shockingly simple mistake: a check valve had been installed backward, and that caused water to flood into, rather than out of, the rig when it heated up during the hurricane.

How many oil rigs does BP own?

Four years after the Macondo oil spill, BP has 11 operated rigs running in the US Gulf of Mexico, the most the company has ever had there at one time, BP America’s CEO said Monday.

Does BP drill in the Arctic?

The company was keen on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge east of Prudhoe, where the geology offered prospects for really big finds. BP teamed up with Chevron to drill an exploration well.

How deep is the Mississippi Canyon?

The field is a supra-salt development with two productive reservoirs at depths ranging from 14,660 feet to 15,533 feet total vertical depth. Since its discovery, one well has been drilled resulting in a successful well that commenced production in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Will there be drilling in the Arctic?

Environmental groups applauded the move but called for a permanent ban on Arctic drilling. “Until the leases are canceled, they will remain a threat to one of the wildest places left in America,” said Kristen Miller, acting director of the Alaska Wilderness League.

Which companies will be drilling in the Arctic?

Yet major companies like Shell and Exxon are making aggressive moves to usher in a new “oil rush” in the Arctic Ocean. In some places it has already begun. Russian oil giant Gazprom has already begun producing small amounts oil from the Arctic in the ocean north of Russia.

Are there oil rigs in Mississippi?

As of 12/31/2001 only one oil and gas field was located in Calhoun County, Mississippi. No oil or gas production was reported to the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board in 2001 according Board’s 2001 Annual Report. As of 12/31/2001 all or portions of 13 oil and gas fields were located in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

How did the Mississippi Canyon form?

The upper portion of the Mississippi Canyon was formed by incision of the Mississippi River during periods of lower sea level, and the lower portion was carved by sediment laden turbidity currents, which are currents with elevated density that flow rapidly downslope due to the weight of the suspended particles they …