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Who owns Wolfburn whisky?

Who owns Wolfburn whisky?

A Chat with Andrew Thompson, Owner of Wolfburn Distillery. Two weeks ago, through the channeling of Wolfburn’s Hong Kong distribution partner (Lillion Wine), Mr.

Is Wolfburn a good whiskey?

Sweet, malty, and young. Light pepper, notes of fresh melon. Exceptionally clean. Not as abrasive a burn as can sometimes be expected from a three-year-old whisky in the finish.

Which is the most northern distillery in Scotland?

Wolfburn is the most northerly whisky distillery on the Scottish mainland, and our master craftsmen fashion their whisky the same way it has always been made: by hand, using only the finest ingredients, and without haste.

When did Wolfburn distillery open?

In 1821 William Smith founded a distillery on the outskirts of Thurso and named it Wolfburn after the watercourse it drew from, “burn” being the Scots word for stream or small river. The distillery was constructed from hardy local Caithness flagstone and the remains of its foundations can still be seen today.

When did Brora distillery close?

The Brora distillery is a producer of single malt Scotch whisky that operated between 1819 and 1983 and from 2021 onwards.

Where is Caithness?

northern Scotland
Caithness, historic county in extreme northern Scotland, facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Pentland Firth (which separates it from the Orkney Islands) on the north and the North Sea on the east. It contains Dunnet Head, the northernmost point in Great Britain, which juts into the Atlantic east of Thurso.

How many Scotch distilleries are there in Scotland?

Scotland is home to over 130 malt and grain distilleries, making it the greatest concentration of whisky production in the world. Many distilleries welcome visits by members of the public.

What is the oldest distillery in Scotland?

Officially the three oldest distilleries in Scotland are Glenturret (1775), Bowmore (1779) and Strathisla (1786). All three have operated from the same location since being founded. Glenturret and Bowmore have both gone through periods when they were closed.

Is Highland Park a good Whisky?

For those of us who fall into the “love” category, smoky, rich Highland Park is hard to ignore. This year alone, the brand earned accolades from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge, and World Whisky Awards, to name a few.

Why did Port Ellen distillery close?

As a distillery, Brora has been something of a chameleon. When Brora and Port Ellen closed in 1983, they were unwanted and surplus to requirements, because sales of the blends they supplied were falling fast. With the market for single malts still a tiny niche, nobody had any thought about their potential.

Where is the Dalmore distillery?

Scottish Highlands
Founded by Alexander Matheson, The Dalmore Distillery prides itself on an unbroken chain of brilliant, visionary and influential craftsmen. Located north of Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, The Dalmore Distillery is located on a stunning stretch of Scottish coastline.

Can you see the northern lights in Caithness?

The Highland regions of Sutherland and Caithness are prime areas for spotting the northern lights in Scotland. Over in Caithness on the most northerly tip, there is a great sighting spot in Castletown and also John O’Groats, the most northerly town in Scotland.

Where is the Wolfburn distillery in Thurso Scotland?

Wolfburn distillery is a Scotch whisky distillery in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland. After ceasing production in the 1850s it reopened in 2013.

Where does Wolfburn latitude single malt whisky come from?

Originally released for the Travel Retail market, Wolfburn Latitude is a lighted peated single malt from the distillery all the way up in Thurso. Drawn from casks that were hand-selected by master…

Who is the designer of the Wolfburn distilley?

Wolfburn Distilley is designed u0003and built by Forsyths of Rothes. u0003Shane Fraser joins u0003from Glenfarclas. After 150 years Wolfburn goes back on spirit on Burns Night – u000325 January. Iain Kerr joins u0003from Glenlivet. The first peated Wolfburn u0003spirit is laid down. The last cask is laid down in warehouse number 1.

When did Wolfburn Master of malt come out?

A late 2016 release from the Wolfburn distillery, matured in a combination of casks – 40% of this whisky was aged in second-fill quarter casks, 40% in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels and 20% in… More info