Who played Emily on Entourage?

Who played Emily on Entourage?

Samaire Armstrong
Entourage (TV Series 2004–2011) – Samaire Armstrong as Emily – IMDb.

How old is Samaire Armstrong?

40 years (October 31, 1980)
Samaire Armstrong/Age

What nationality is Samaire Armstrong?

Samaire Armstrong/Nationality

Who played Summer Edgecombe?

Samaire ArmstrongThe Mentalist
Summer Edgecombe/Played by

Why did Emily leave Entourage?

In the episode of Busey and the Beach, both Eric and Emily have a falling out as the situation of business escalated into harsh feelings. In a later episode in season 1, it was confirmed both broke up and were not on speaking terms.

Who is the girl in Daniel Powter Bad Day?

The video features actress Samaire Armstrong, who plays Anna on the popular American teen TV show The O.C. Powter refused to star in the video with Armstrong because of their difference in age: he was 35 and she was 25.

Why did Samaire Armstrong go to rehab?

Reformed party girl Samaire Armstrong — who entered outpatient treatment for three months last October for “personal issues” — says you have to be “willing” to get help. “What made me willing was hitting a bottom,” the actress, 27, told at the Los Angeles premiere of Bra Boys Monday.

Who is the girl in fuel bad day video?

Samaire Rhys Armstrong
Samaire Rhys Armstrong (/səˈmɪərə/ sə-MEER-ə; born October 31, 1980) is an American actress and fashion designer….Music videos.

Year Title Artist
2005 “Bad Day” Daniel Powter

Does Cho sleep with Summer?

In episode 18, “Ruddy Cheeks” Cho is late for work because Summer turned off his alarm deciding he needed to sleep. Later, after taking another pain killer, he falls asleep on a stakeout almost causing Rigsby to get shot. He goes to tell Lisbon but ends up deciding not to, instead just apologizing for being late.

How much does Jerry Ferrara make per episode?

Jerry Ferrara Entourage Salary: During his eight seasons as a lead performer on Entourage, Jerry earned $11 million. During the early seasons he earned $15-20,000 per episode. That number was soon raised to $75,000 per episode….Jerry Ferrara Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Nationality: United States of America

How much do Entourage actors get paid?

According to THR, sources say Piven was paid $5 million, and the other actors were paid $2 million each (plus backend).