Who played for the Braves in the 90s?

Who played for the Braves in the 90s?

The Big Three was a trio of Major League Baseball starting pitchers for the Atlanta Braves from 1993 to 2002 which consisted of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz. The Big Three combined to win seven National League Cy Young Awards in the 1990s and helped lead the Atlanta Braves to a 1995 World Series win.

Who was the catcher for the Braves in 1992?

1992 Atlanta Braves

1992 Atlanta Braves 1992 Atlanta Braves Official Logo Complete Roster
Roster Schedule Hitting Pitching Fielding Statmaster
# Catchers Date Of Birth
11 Damon Berryhill 1963-12-03
19 Francisco Cabrera 1966-10-10

Who plays catcher for the Braves?

Braves Roster & Staff

Catchers B/T Wt
Travis d’Arnaud 16 B/T: R/R Ht: 6′ 2″ Wt: 210 DOB: 02/10/1989 R/R 210
Stephen Vogt 26 B/T: L/R Ht: 6′ 0″ Wt: 216 DOB: 11/01/1984 L/R 216

Who was the Braves Catcher in 1995?

C Javy Lopez (93)
1B Fred McGriff (144)
2B Mark Lemke (115)
3B Chipper Jones (123)
SS Jeff Blauser (115)

Who owns the Braves 2020?

Liberty Media FWONK
Liberty Media FWONK -0.8% , which owns the Braves, released fourth-quarter and fiscal-2020 results today that show the team’s revenue was $142 million in 2020, 68% lower than in the previous year.

What did the Braves win in 1992?

The 1992 Atlanta Braves season was the 27th in Atlanta and the 122nd overall. It involved the Braves finishing first in the National League West with a record of 98 wins and 64 losses, clinching their second straight division title….1992 Atlanta Braves season.

1992 Atlanta Braves
Record 98–64 (.605)
Divisional place 1st
Other information

Who played in the World Series in 1995?

Atlanta Braves
1995 World Series – Atlanta Braves over Cleveland Indians (4-2) | Baseball-Reference.com.

Where is Javier Lopez now?

Where he lives: Now 44, Lopez lives in Suwanee and is married for a second time, 11 years to Gina. They have two children, Brody and Gavin. He has two kids from his previous marriage to Analy: Javier and Kelvin.

Which MLB player was homeless?

Andrew Toles
Andrew Toles hasn’t played for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2018 and his absence from the team has been among the most troubling stories in baseball. Toles was jailed back in June of 2020 for trespassing when he was found sleeping behind a FedEx building in Key West, Florida.

Who was the Braves shortstop in the 90s?

Rafael Leonidas Belliard Matias (born October 24, 1961) is a retired Major League Baseball shortstop who played in the Major Leagues from 1982 to 1998 with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves. He was a member of Atlanta’s 1995 World Series winning team against the Cleveland Indians.

Where did the Braves play in 1995?

The 1995 Atlanta Braves season was the 125th season in the history of the franchise and 30th season in the city of Atlanta….1995 Atlanta Braves season.

1995 Atlanta Braves
Fulton County Stadium (since 1966) Atlanta (since 1966)
Record 90–54 (.625)
Divisional place 1st

What was the Atlanta Braves record in 1990?

The 1990 Atlanta Braves season was the team’s 25th season in Atlanta, the 115th in franchise history as a member of the National League and the 120th season overall. The Braves went 65–97, en route to their sixth-place finish in the NL West, 26 games behind the World Champion Cincinnati Reds, and ending up with the worst record that year.

Who are the best catchers in Braves history?

That trailed only Joe Mauer, who produced a 44.9 fWAR while logging more than one thousand fewer innings than McCann as a catcher in this span. Looking at Weighted Runs Created Plus, which accounts for external factors like ballparks and eras, Joe Torre ranks first among all Braves catchers with a 131 wRC+.

Who was the best pitcher for the Braves in the 90s?

Tom Glavine comes in at No. 2 on the list, having pitched every year in the 90s for the Braves. During that time, he went 164-87 with a 3.21 ERA and 1,465 strikeouts in 2,228 innings pitched. He also had 38 complete games, 14 shutouts and a 1.286 WHIP.

Who was the Braves catcher in the 1995 World Series?

He received 52% of the votes, while McCann ranked second with 42%. Lopez established himself as a fan favorite. He was behind the plate when Tom Glavine’s gem helped clinch the 1995 World Series, and Lopez’s tremendous performance in the 1996 National League Championship Series sent the Braves to a second straight World Series.