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Who qualifies for the NATO medal?

Who qualifies for the NATO medal?

NATO Medal
Awarded for 30 days of either cumulative or consecutive service in Afghanistan as a NATO military service member (ISAF)
Presented by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Eligibility Military service members and NATO civilian employees (NATO Meritorious Service Medal)

What is the Non Article 5 NATO Medal?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has approved a Non-Article 5 NATO medal for personnel participating in NATO support operation International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The Deputy Secretary of Defense has authorized the acceptance and wear of this medal by US military and US civilian members.

Can you wear more than one NATO medal?

Only one NATO ribbon is authorized for wear. 4. Subsequent awards: Subsequent awards (if approved by the Secretary of Defense) for service in a different NATO operation, U.S. military personnel will affix a bronze service star to the NATO Medal suspension ribbon and service ribbon.

Is there a Cold War Service medal?

The Cold War Victory Medal is both an official medal of the U.S. National Guard and an unofficial military medal of the United States. It is awarded by the U.S. states of Louisiana and Texas, and in ribbon form only by the State of Alaska. In the medal’s unofficial capacity it can be purchased, but not worn in uniform.

Which NATO Medal do I wear for Afghanistan?

Effective 31 July 2006, U.S. service members serving in Afghanistan will be eligible for the ISAF NATO Medal after they meet the requirements of 30 consecutive or cumulative days in the area of responsibility working for NATO.

What is the difference between court mounted and swing mounted medals?

Swing mounting is when a medal is suspended by its ribbon from a brooch pin. Several medals can be attached to a long brooch pin. Court mounting is when the ribbon is stretched over a stiff mounting board with a medal bar brooch at the top. The medals are tied down and do not move when the person walks.

When was the NATO Medal for former Yugoslavia awarded?

The official description, eligibility, criteria, and history of the NATO Medal for Former Yugoslavia (NATO-FY). On 14 December 1995, North Atlantic Council launched the largest military operation ever undertaken by the Alliance: Operation Joint Endeavour.

How big is the bar on a former Yugoslavia medal?

A large ring is attached to the top of the medal. The bar is sewn onto the ribbon. The medal is always issued with a bar, inscribed “FORMER YUGOSLAVIA” or “EX-YOUGOSLAVIE”. All medals are supplied with approximately 6 inches of ribbon,unless otherwise stated.

Who are the recipients of the NATO Medal?

The Secretary General has established the NATO Medal to be awarded to military and civilian personnel who are, or have been, engaged in operations, or in direct support of operations conducted by NATO in the Former Yugoslavia.

What does the NATO Medal for Kosovo look like?

The NATO Medal for Kosovo service appears as a mixed blue and white stripped ribbon, with white stripes on the side as well as a wide white central stripe. The NATO Medal for Macedonia service appears as a blue and white mixed ribbon with four white stripes.