Who sang the song Blueberry Hill?

Who sang the song Blueberry Hill?

Fats Domino
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Which artist is famous for the hits Ain’t that a shame Blueberry Hill and I’m Walkin?

Four of Domino’s records were named to the Grammy Hall of Fame for their significance: “Blueberry Hill”, “Ain’t That A Shame”, “Walking to New Orleans” and “The Fat Man”….

Fats Domino
Genres Rock and roll boogie-woogie New Orleans rhythm and blues
Instruments Vocals piano

What does Ain’t that a shame mean?

isn’t that sad or isn’t that disappointing.

Who sang Blueberry Hill in 1958?

Blueberry Hill (song)

“Blueberry Hill”
Single by Fats Domino
Label Imperial
Composer(s) Vincent Rose
Lyricist(s) Larry Stock Al Lewis

When was the song Blueberry Hill released?

“Blueberry Hill” (1956)

What style of music is ain’t that a shame?

Power pop
Ain’t That a Shame

“Ain’t That a Shame”
Genre Power pop, hard rock
Length 5:10
Label Epic
Songwriter(s) Antoine Domino, Dave Bartholomew

Who was the original singer of Ain’t that a shame?

Ain’t That a Shame/Artists

What instruments are used in Ain’t that a shame?

On “Ain’t That a Shame,” the sax players are Herb Hardesty on lead, with Samuel Lee and Buddy Hagens; Walter “Papoose” Nelson on guitar; Billy Diamond, bass; Cornelius Tenoo Coleman, drums; and Antoine “Fats” Domino on piano and vocals.

Is there a real Blueberry Hill?

There is — one in Texas and one in Alaska — but the one that most relates to the song and is named after it is the Blueberry Hill Café in St. Louis, home to rock ‘n roll legend Chuck Berry. Blueberry Hill Café is in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis and was one of Berry’s favorite places to perform.

Who did Blueberry Hill?

Blueberry Hill was written in 1940 by Al Lewis, Larry Stock and Vincent Rose. It was sung by Gene Autry in a 1941 movie The Singing Hill. It was a best-selling record by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra with the vocal by Ray Eberle.

Does Blueberry Hill exist?

Blueberry Hill (Alaska), the northernmost point of the coastal Pacific temperate rain forest located in Valdez, Alaska. Blue Berry Hill, Texas.

Who wrote the song Ain’t that a shame?

Fats Domino
Dave Bartholomew
Ain’t That a Shame/Composers
“Ain’t That a Shame!” “Ain’t That a Shame!” “Ain’t That a Shame” is a song written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. Domino’s recording of the song, originally stated as “Ain’t It a Shame”, released by Imperial Records in 1955, was a hit, eventually selling a million copies.