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Who signs Baby Got Back?

Who signs Baby Got Back?

Sir Mix-a-Lot
“Baby Got Back” is a 1992 hip hop song written and recorded by American rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot, which appeared on his album Mack Daddy.

When did Sir Mix-a-Lot Baby Got Back?

Baby Got Back/Released

How much money did Baby Got Back make?

Despite being one of Mix’s least favorite songs on the entire release and the second-to-last song recorded, “Baby Got Back” dominated the charts, sold millions of copies, and went on to make over $100,000,000 through publishing, royalties, and sales during its 27 years of existence.

When was Baby Got Back Number 1?

June 28, 1992
On June 28, 1992, Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back began its No. 1 reign on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Is Baby got back a one hit wonder?

What do “Baby Got Back,” “I Can’t Wait,” and “Stacy’s Mom” have in common? They’re all one-hit wonders. In honor of “One-Hit Wonder Day,” Billboard staff each selected their favorite track that qualifies — loosely — as a one-hit wonder. Check out the picks below.

How rich is Sir Mix-A-Lot?

Sir Mix-a-Lot Net Worth: Sir Mix-a-Lot is an American MC and producer who has a net worth of $20 million. Sir Mix-a-Lot was born Anthony Ray on August 12, 1963, in Seattle, Washington.

Is Sir Mix-A-Lot A Knight?

LONDON — The royal family revoked the knighthood of rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot yesterday. A diligent worker, Mix-a-Lot slowly built up an impressive career in government, culminating with his appointment to the position of Chief Boot Knocka in the Thatcher administration.

Is Sir Mix-A-Lot rich?

How rich is Sir Mix A Lot?

What year did Baby Come Back?

Baby Come Back/Released
More videos on YouTube Released as a single in October 1977, “Baby Come Back” would climb the Hot 100 before hitting the #1 spot on January 14, 1978. The song would hold the top spot for three weeks, finally falling to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees on February 4, 1978.