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Who were Belisarius and narses?

Who were Belisarius and narses?

Narses (also sometimes written Nerses; Armenian: Նարսես; Greek: Ναρσής; 478–573) was, with Belisarius, one of the great generals in the service of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I during the Roman reconquest that took place during Justinian’s reign. Narses was a Romanized Armenian.

What did Justinian and Belisarius do?

Following Justin’s death in 527, the new emperor, Justinian I, appointed Belisarius to command a Roman army in the east, despite earlier defeats. In June/July 530, during the Iberian War, he led the Romans to a stunning victory over the Sassanids in the Battle of Dara.

Is Belisarius a good general?

That said, there is little doubt that Belisarius was a supremely gifted general. He may not have won all his battles — during his early career along the Persian front he frequently proved unsuccessful — but his conquests in northern Africa and Italy were nothing short of remarkable.

What was Belisarius ordered for?

Following this incredible feat, in 535 Belisarius was ordered to invade Ostrogothic Italy. As with the Allies in 1943, he quickly took Sicily before crossing to the mainland and moving north, capturing Naples and finally Rome. At this point the Ostrogoths replaced their king and the campaign descended into a stalemate.

Why do you think belisarius told his men to dig?

To defend the Byzantine Empire from such invaders, Justinian called in Belisarius, a great general who defended the Byzantine Empire against the Persian Empire. Belisarius had to defend Dara, a city is was the gate to Anatolia. Belisarius then ordered his men to dig a trench.

Why is Belisarius important?

Justinian next chose Belisarius to begin the reconquest of the western Roman territories occupied by Germanic peoples. In 533 he was sent with a small force to attack the Vandals in North Africa. In two stunning victories he shattered the Vandal kingdom within a few months.

What did Justinian conquer?

Emperor Justinian reconquered many former territories of the Western Roman Empire, including Italy, Dalmatia, Africa, and southern Hispania.

Which general strengthened the Byzantine army?

Heraclius, (born c. 575, Cappadocia—died Feb. 11, 641, Constantinople), Eastern Roman emperor (610–641) who reorganized and strengthened the imperial administration and the imperial armies but who, nevertheless, lost Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and Byzantine Mesopotamia to the Arab Muslims.

Why do you think Belisarius told his men to dig?

Who defeated Justinian emperor?

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Was Justinian a good emperor?

He was a hard working emperor who was known for surrounding himself with talented people. The Byzantium Empire was also known as the Eastern Roman Empire. It was Justinian’s dream to restore the Roman Empire to its former glory. He sent out his armies commanded by his two powerful generals, Belizarius and Narses.