Who were the original Little Rascals characters?

Who were the original Little Rascals characters?

The Our Gang stars, as most of us remember included Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer, George “Spanky” McFarland, Darla Hood, and William Thomas Jr as “Buckwheat”. There was also the character “Stymie” played by Matthew Beard.

Who was the youngest little rascal?

Zachary Mabry as “Porky” One of the youngest Little Rascals, Mabry was just three when he started making the film.

Who was the leader of the Little Rascals?

Spanky is the Rascals’ leader and spokesman, enlisting his friends to put an end to Alfalfa’s romance with Darla. Portrayed by Jet Jurgensmeyer. Spanky is the leader of the Rascals, yet again. This time, he leads the group in raising money to save Grandma Larson’s bakery.

Who was Buckwheats best friend?

Alfalfa Switzer
Alfalfa Switzer, Spanky’s best friend, has been chosen to be the driver for the club’s prize-winning go-kart, “The Blur”, in the upcoming Soap Box Derby go-kart race.

Are any original Little Rascals alive?

There are believed to be just five “Rascals” remaining following the passing of Moore and Darling. Robert Blake, perhaps better known for starring in the ’70s TV hit “Baretta,” Sidney Kibrick, Jerry Tucker, Mildred Kornman and Leonard Landy are thought to be the last living members of the “Gang.”

How did the real alfalfa died?

In January 1958, Alfalfa was shot and wounded by an unknown assailant who was never caught. Then, on January 21, 1959, Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer was shot to death in an argument over a $50 debt owed him by his former partner in the big-game hunting business.

Is Froggy’s voice real?

Although his friend survived and no charges were filed against the truck driver, it was the end of the short life of one of the most memorable “Our Gang” characters. Laughlin had played Froggy in Our Gang shorts from 1940-1944. The character was known for his deep frog-like voice, which was actually done by Laughlin.

Did Darla and Alfalfa get married?

On Feb. 11, one of the favorite childhood underdogs for almost every millennial got married. Included in his list of groomsman was Little Rascals costar, Porky aka Zachary Mabry, as well as David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place. …