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Who won Mosley vs Vargas?

Who won Mosley vs Vargas?

In a tightly contested battle, Vargas’ left eye became grotesquely swollen and referee Joe Cortez decided to stop the fight in the 10th round to minimize further damage, granting a technical knockout (TKO) victory to Mosley.

Who won De La Hoya vs Mosley 2?

Two judges scored the fight for Mosley with scores of 116–112 and 115–113, while the third had De La Hoya the winner with a score of 115–113. HBO’s unofficial scorer Harold Lederman also ruled in favor of Mosley with a score of 116–112.

Who knocked down Mosley?

. Pacquiao
Mosley vs. Pacquiao Pacquiao knocked Mosley down in the third round using a one-two capped with a left straight. Mosley was left dazed by the knockdown but managed to stand up.

Is Fernando Vargas Mexican?

Fernando Vargas comes from a region well known for its fierce blood. His ancestors lived in a proud kingdom of haughty masters of their land: The Tarascos. Like many other Mexican families, El Feroz’ parents had to leave their homeland in a quest for better horizons. Vargas was born in 1977 in Oxnard, Calif.

What did Mayorga do to Shane Mosley wife?

Mayorga appeared to slap the backside of Mosley’s girlfriend as she leaned forward near the fighters, prompting three-weight world champion Mosley to lunge in to put hands around his throat and spark a brief melee.

How many times did Mosley beat De La Hoya?

De La Hoya won two national titles, along with a gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona. Mosley was a three-time national champion and a thorn in De La Hoya’s side, handing East Los Angeles’ best amateur two of his five total losses.

Was Shane Mosley ever knocked down?

“His technique, his movement. He was just a very good boxer.” Best puncher: Forrest: Forrest was the first to seriously hurt Mosley, who went down twice in the second round but survived to lose a one-sided decision in their first meeting. Mosley has never been knocked out in 53 fights.

Has Sugar Shane Mosley been knocked down?

Mosley has rarely been visibly hurt in a fight, despite facing numerous top opponents, and he has been knocked down only twice during his 18-year professional career.

What nationality is Fernando Vargas?

Fernando Vargas/Nationality