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Who won Voice of Germany 2021?

Who won Voice of Germany 2021?

Paula Dalla Corte
The Voice of Germany (season 10)

The Voice of Germany
Coaches Mark Forster Yvonne Catterfeld & Stefanie Kloss Nico Santos Samu Haber & Rea Garvey Michael Schulte (comeback stage)
Winner Paula Dalla Corte
Winning coach Samu Haber & Rea Garvey
Runner-up Oliver Henrich

Who are the judges in the voice Germany?

The Voice of Germany
Judges Xavier Naidoo Rea Garvey Nena The BossHoss Max Herre Samu Haber Stefanie Kloss Michi Beck & Smudo Andreas Bourani Yvonne Catterfeld Mark Forster Michael Patrick Kelly Alice Merton Sido Nico Santos Michael Schulte Johannes Oerding Sarah Connor Elif Demirezer

Who won The Voice of Germany 2017?

Natia Todua
The Voice of Germany (season 7)/Winners

Who won Voice of Germany 2018?

Samuel Rösch
Both hosts returned Thore Schölermann returning for his seventh season and Lena Gercke returning for her fourth season. On December 16, 2018, Samuel Rösch was crowned the winner of The Voice of Germany 2018, marking Michael Patrick Kelly’s first win as a coach.

How old is Benedikt?

Tackling this timeless classic, 16-year-old Benedikt Kostler brings his best game to the stage and blows all of the coaches out of the water with his blind audition for The Voice of Germany!

Who won voice Germany 2019?

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso
The Voice of Germany/Winners

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso was named the winner of the season on November 10, 2019; making her the third foreigner contestant to win in the show’s history and Alice Merton became the first female coach to win The Voice of Germany.

How old is jade from the voice?

Kyla Jade

Age 33
Nationality American
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation Background Singer
Team(s) Team Blake

Did Mimi and Josefin win?

Mimi & Josefin-The Winner of The Voice Kids Germany 2019 All Performances.