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Why are there 2 Morgans in Boy Meets World?

Why are there 2 Morgans in Boy Meets World?

Lily Nicksay played the cute, tea party-hosting Morgan Matthews on Boy Meets World. Following season two, Nicksay, who was 4 years old when she filmed the pilot, was replaced with Ridgeway, who is three years her senior. And as alluded to above, the character developed a bit of a ‘tude in the process.

Who played Morgan in season 4 of Boy Meets World?

Lily Nicksay
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Name Morgan Matthews
Role Cory, Joshua and Eric’s sister Alan and Amy’s daughter Riley and Auggie’s aunt
Final Status Stayed in Philadelphia
Portrayed by Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway

Who was the first Morgan on Boy Meets World?

Lily Nicksay (born January 8, 1988) is an American actress. She is known for originating the role of Morgan Matthews, Cory’s little sister, in the first two seasons of Boy Meets World. She reprised the role for the season 3 finale of Girl Meets World.

Why did they get rid of Mr Turner on Boy Meets World?

Still, that episode also came as Shawn, Cory, and Topanga were eyeing their own exit from the school in which Mr. Turner taught them (via graduation, of course). So it’s possible that the series’ writers just opted to take the character out of the picture before the gang trotted off to college.

Who are the characters in Boy Meets World?

Boy Meets World (season 1) 1 Ben Savage as Cory Matthews 2 William Daniels as George Feeny 3 Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews 4 Will Friedle as Eric Matthews 5 Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter 6 Lee Norris as Stuart Minkus 7 Lily Nicksay as Morgan Matthews 8 William Russ as Alan Matthews More

Who was Morgan Matthews in Boy Meets World?

Lindsay Ridgeway played the bratty, foul-mouthed Morgan Matthews on the TGIF sitcom.

When was the first season of Boy Meets World?

Boy Meets World (season 1) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The first season of the television comedy series Boy Meets World aired between September 24, 1993 and May 13, 1994, on ABC in the United States. The season was produced by Michael Jacobs Productions and Touchstone Television with series creator Michael Jacobs as executive producer.

What did Morgan call Eric in Girl Meets World?

Eric affectionately called her ” (The) Weasel” or “Wease” for short in season 1, but stopped when she told him she didn’t like the name. Neither Morgan nor Eric were mentioned in season 1 of Girl Meets World. She enjoyed singing. Struck up a friendship with noted young artist, Alexandra Nechita.