Why are there question marks on my PDF?

Why are there question marks on my PDF?

The problem is most probably that this is a faulty PDF created by someone who made an error, or does not understand how to make them correctly. The person who generated the PDF on Windows used a method which did not embed the fonts from the source document into the PDF.

How do you put a question mark on a PDF?

Open the pdf file and Right click on the Question Mark showing the Validity Unknown. Click on Show Signature Properties. Click on Show Signer’s Certificate & Select Trust. Click Add to Trusted Identities & Click OK.

How do I mark a box in Adobe?

So you can either add them yourself with Acrobat of use the typewriter tool (Tools > Content > Add or Edit Text Box) to add text and the stamp tool to add checkmarks.

Why does my PDF have boxes?

When “Find All Suspects” is enabled Acrobat highlights the words that the OCR process is not sure about and if you click on a red box you can change the text behind the image. This happens if you choose the OCR as searchable image.

Why do I get question marks instead of text?

It means your Unicode text is getting converted to ANSI text somewhere. Since Unicode characters outside of Latin-1 can’t be converted to ANSI, they are converted to question marks.

How do I get rid of question mark in Word?

For me, the following basic search settings worked in Word 2016: (I pasted all the marks directly from the title of your question.) After pressing Replace All, the marks are gone. Yet another possibility is to press Ctrl + Shift + 8 if special characters were displayed by toggling this.

How do I remove the question mark from my digital signature?


  1. Open the PDF file in PDF Converter Professional.
  2. Left-click on the Digital Signature field.
  3. Click “Verify Signature”.
  4. Click “Properties”.
  5. Click “Verify Identity”.
  6. Add “Contact information for certificate owner:”.
  7. Click “Add to List”.
  8. Click “Close”.

How do I validate an electronic signature in PDF?

Set signature verification preferences

  1. Open the Preferences dialog box.
  2. Under Categories, select Signatures.
  3. For Verification, click More.
  4. To automatically validate all signatures in a PDF when you open the document, select Verify Signatures When The Document Is Opened.

How do you check a box in Adobe PDF?

  1. Open a PDF form.
  2. Select “Tools > Forms > Check Box Tool”.
  3. Place a cursor over the check box field and click a right mouse button.
  4. Select “Properties…” from the popup menu.
  5. Select “Options” tab page on “Check Box Properties” dialog.
  6. Verify value in “Export Value” field.

How do you check a box in Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Creating a Check Box

  1. Open the PDF file that you will use for the form.
  2. From the Forms menu, select Add or Edit Fields…
  3. From the Add New Field pull-down menu, select Show Tools on Toolbar.
  4. Click Checkbox Tool.
  5. Position the cursor where you want the form field to begin.

How do I remove bounding boxes from a PDF?

Click on it once to show the light blue bounding-box for the text or image. Press Delete, or right-click on the text and select Delete from the menu.

How do I remove square boxes from a PDF?

Go to the Tools section from the top menu, and select Advanced Editing Tools. Choose the Crop Tool. Now, click and drag a box not including the marks you want to remove until you highlight the entire document. If the crop marks are outside of your new highlighted square, release the mouse.

Why are there question marks in Adobe Reader?

Something is wrong with the rendering of this PDF in Preview (or Quick Look). This is how it looks: I can see it in Adobe Reader on Windows. I’m not sure what font it is using, and I have Office 2011 installed, so I have all of those fonts. Why is it displaying question marks on everything (except the text in the bottom left)?

Why is it displaying question marks on everything?

Why is it displaying question marks on everything (except the text in the bottom left)? I’m using Lion 10.7.1 on a 2010 17″ MacBook Pro. Try Adobe Reader for Mac. Sometimes Preview is not a perfect substitute for that. It looks like all the previous answers to this question are completely uninformed.

How to use drawing markup in Adobe Acrobat Pro?

To select the drawing markup tool, open the Comment toolbar and click the Drawing Tools icon . Select the desired tool from the Drawing Tools menu. After you make an initial comment, the tool changes back to the Select tool so that you can move, resize, or edit your comment. (The Pencil and Highlight Text tools stay selected.)

Why do Microsoft documents have question marks in them?

Presumably they do not want people to be successful using non-Microsoft products (at least, that’s what the documents in their antitrust case indicated), so they make it as painful as possible to transfer documents from Windows to Mac. Other companies know about this, and they may try to compensate.