Why did LJOE left Teen Top?

Why did LJOE left Teen Top?

2017–2019: High Five and L. In early 2017, L. Joe cleared evidence of the group from his social media, deleting “Teen Top” from his Instagram username and turning his account private. On February 10, it was revealed that he had requested a termination of contract with his agency, TOP Media, after L.

What company is teen top under?

TOP Media
Universal Music GroupUniversal D
Teen Top/Record labels

Who is the wife of Lee Byung Hun?

Lee Min-jungm. 2013
Lee Byung-hun/Wife

Can Lee Byung Hun speak English?

This may be an obvious one as Lee Byung Hun has been in several Hollywood films, showcasing his English skills. The cool thing about this particular actor is that he never actually lived in the States, but instead studied it on his own!

How old is Neil Teen Top?

27 years (August 16, 1994)

Where is chunji?

Chunji Facts: – His hometown is Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea. – He has one brother who is 5 years older than him. – His position in Teen Top is as Lead Vocalist and Visual.

How old is Byung Hun Lee?

51 years (July 12, 1970)
Lee Byung-hun/Age

Is Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung still together?

[SBS Star] Lee Min-jung Shares How Lovey-dovey She Still Is with Lee Byung Hun. Actress Lee Min-jung revealed that her and her husband actor Lee Byung Hun are still lovebirds despite years of dating and being married to one another.

Is Mr Sunshine a success?

Mr. Sunshine’s final episode which aired Sunday night achieved a nationwide audience share of 18.129 percent, the series’ personal best in ratings, making the overall average rating of the series equal to 13.059 percent which is higher than Goblin’s 12.924 percent by 0.135 percentage point. Mr.

Is Eric Nam Korean?

Eric Nam (Korean: 에릭남; born November 17, 1988) is an American singer, songwriter, television host and content creator of Korean descent….

Eric Nam
Labels B2M CJ ENM
Website Official website
Korean name
Hangul 남윤도

Is it Neil Niel?

The meaning of the name Niel is “champion”. Niel is an alternate form of Neil (Irish, Gaelic): Scottish form of Niall.

Where is Teen Top chunji?