Why did Mark Curry leave family reunion?

Why did Mark Curry leave family reunion?

Executive producer and creator Meg DeLoatch says she knows Family Reunion fans will miss Curry and his character, because she does, too. “I went through a lot with that decision, and I needed it to be a character that people really did like,” DeLoatch says of Glass’ death.

Will family reunion have a part 3?

When Is ‘Family Reunion’ Part 3 Coming To Netflix? ‘Family Reunion’ Part 3 arrived on Netflix on April 5, 2021. The second half of the second season AKA Part 4 is coming out on August 26, 2021. Family Reunion aired part 1 episodes on July 10, 2019, followed by a holiday special on December 9, 2019.

What happened to Jade and Royale in family reunion?

Jade decided to ditch her own party and run away because her love interest Royale was kicked out. In this case, when Jade is found remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the McKellan family will start Season 2 with major worries in finance and more importantly the whereabouts of their teen daughter.

Who plays Royale in family reunion?

Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole is an actor and director, known for Family Reunion (2019), Between the Miles (2015) and …

Who died from the show family reunion?

Arguably the most touching of the eight new installments when the sitcom returned Monday, Episode 7 (titled “Remember When the Glass Passed?”) focuses on the sudden and unexpected death of Principal Glass (guest star Mark Curry) and how it impacts each of the McKellan kids.

Who is the taxi driver in Armageddon?

Mark Curry
Mark Curry (I)

Is Family Reunion Cancelled 2021?

‘Family Reunion’ season 4 (or part 4) released on August 26, 2021, on Netflix. The fourth season comprises 7 episodes which have a runtime of 24-29 minutes each. If everything pans out smoothly, fans can expect ‘Family Reunion’ season 5 to release sometime in 2022, at the earliest.

Will there be another part to Family Reunion?

Family Reunion is returning soon to Netflix with part four. New episodes will arrive on August 26th, and the streaming service has released a trailer for the return of season two. Loretta Devine, Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, Talia Jackson, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Cameron J.

Why does Talia Jackson wear a wig family reunion?

Talia Jackson is opening up about wearing a wig on her Netflix show Family Reunion. The actress and singer received a lot of comments and backlash about covering up her natural curly hair, and took to Instagram to address the comments. “So in order to save my curls and repair the damage we had to use a wig.

Why is there a white girl in family reunion?

Although specific details are not explicitly explored, she is part of the African American family and simply has a lighter skin tone to her siblings and parents.

What age is family reunion for?

What Age Group Is This For?: The show is rated TV-PG, and there might be some mild cursing (we didn’t notice any, though). But for the most part, this is a show kids 7 and up can watch, though it’s best that parents watch with their kids to help discuss the issues that are brought up.

What age is Family Reunion for?