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Why did Recaro stop making car seats?

Why did Recaro stop making car seats?

Although the base stood in place, the child seat flung forward, which could result in serious injury in a real-life accident. The safety of its customers is the highest priority for Recaro Child Safety. For this reason, the company has decided to stop delivery of the Recaro Optia seat and to no longer permit its sale.

Did Recaro stop making car seats?

May 9, 2017: Breaking: Recaro quits US car seat and stroller business! Baby Bargains has confirmed the European-based company has discontinued all its car seats and strollers in the US, effectively withdrawing from North America.

Are Recaro car seats safe?

“The Recaro Performance RIDE convertible car seat has saved the lives of many children involved in a car crash and has never experienced a field failure after being in the marketplace for over five years. Recaro tests to meet and exceed all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test requirements.

Does Recaro make infant car seats?

Recaro has other infant and child car seat models on its website, as well as booster seats for three to 12-year-old children.

How long do Recaro car seats last?

six years
Recaro: six years. Safety 1st: six to eight years, depending on the model.

Where are Recaro car seats made?

Recaro Aircraft Seating is a developer and manufacturer of aircraft seats. The Aircraft seat production began in 1971 under license under the name Recaro Aircomfort, initially in Stuttgart. From 1983 the entire production takes place in Schwäbisch Hall.

Are Recaro seats worth it?

Well-Known Member. Allerick said: The Recaro seats offer much better side to side (lateral) bolstering, but aren’t more comfortable than the standard seats for just cruising (if anything they are less comfortable on long trips). They hold you in a little better under heavy cornering.

What cars have factory Recaro seats?

What cars have Recaro seats? There are quite a few production cars that have had the privilege of Recaro seats come straight from the factory. Among them are the BMW 2002Tii, the Porsche 911, the Mercedes-AMG SLS, the Shelby Mustang GT350, and the Lancia Delta HF Integrale.

How long do Maxi-Cosi car seats last?

Maxi-Cosi: Car seats are designed for 10-year use but don’t expire. Recaro: six years. Safety 1st: six to eight years, depending on the model.

Are Recaro seats real leather?

Again, high quality leather but the edges just had elastic sewn around them. You slip it over the stock armrest and it just looks like one of those hair nets that people use when working in a restaurant, only made of leather. I did some work to that also and made it look like the factory fit.