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Why did Silver Surfer betray Galactus?

Why did Silver Surfer betray Galactus?

In issue #50, Silver Surfer turned on his master and betrayed Galactus when he realized Earth was worth saving. Now, with Reed Richards holding the Power Cosmic, it was up to the Silver Surfer to show him what was so rich about Earth, and the hunger growing in him forced him to return to the planet.

Who is Galactus afraid of?

Galactus Afraid He is the All-father, and he has full command and control of the Odinforce. Using his newfound power, he tosses his hammer through all Ten Realms that are connected through Yggdrasil, The World Tree, defeating a threat that even the Avengers can’t handle in a single strike.

How did the Fantastic Four defeat Galactus?

Fantastic of that universe used Hank Pym’s Giant-Man technology to enhance the mutant whose best-known power is not getting hit, then she used her phasing abilities to beat Galactus senseless until Ultimate Reed Richards could throw Galactus into a lifeless Negative Zone (with some help from Ultimate Thor).

What is the weakness of Galactus?

Weakness. Galactus’ only weakness is his hunger. He is dependent on energy to survive and sustains himself by feeding on entire planets. Life energy is especially nourishing to Galactus and so he has developed a preference for populated worlds, as these assuage his all-consuming need for greater periods of time.

Can Silver Surfer destroy a universe?

Using the Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer is able to actually harness enough energy to create a blast that is greater than almost any other superhero or villain the Marvel Universe. As shown in Annihilation: Silver Surfer #4, he can absorb, manipulate and then discharge enough energy to destroy an entire planet.

Can Hulk defeat Galactus?

This towering, godlike being survived the destruction of the previous universe and became a primordial force in the current one. Oddly enough, Hulk might actually be able to hit Galactus hard enough that he notices that he’s been hit.

Is Silver Surfer a villain in Fantastic Four?

Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) is a major antagonist turned supporting character in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He was once an alien being from a distant planet.

Can Superman defeat world breaker Hulk?

The Hulk Could Beat Superman, Marvel and DC, Writers Say. Although both Pak’s and Yang’s answers come with caveats and X-factors, both agree that the Hulk — either Bruce or Amadeus — would more likely get the upper hand on the Man of Steel. But Superman isn’t just a fighter, which makes all the difference.

Why was Galactus defeated in the Fantastic Four?

Galactus is defeated mainly for plot reasons. In the beginning, he was “defeated” by the Fantastic Four in the sense that they turned him away from Earth. They did so with the Ultimate Nullifier, and extremely powerful weapon (although in later issues this device has been shown to be a “part” of Galactus that he can control at his own will).

Who is the author of the Galactus Trilogy?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. “The Galactus Trilogy” is a 1966 three-issue comic book story arc that appeared in Fantastic Four #48 – #50. It was written, plotted and drawn by Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee. It was published by Marvel Comics, and is notable for being the story that introduced the characters Galactus and the Silver Surfer.

Where does the coming of Galactus take place?

“The Coming of Galactus!” After wrapping up the Inhumans story of the previous issue, the story moves to the Silver Surfer as he soars through the Andromeda Galaxy, earning the attention of the Skrulls.

Who are the baddies in the Galactus Trilogy?

Having dreamed up such powerful baddies as the Mole Man, the Frightful Four, the Grey Gargoyle, the Executioner, the Mandarin and Dr. Doom, we felt the only way to top ourselves was to come up with an evil-doer who had almost godlike powers. Therefore, the natural choice was sort of a demi-god, but now what would we do with him?