Why did the Smithy family house burned down?

Why did the Smithy family house burned down?

The cause of the fire is under investigation.” The London Fire Brigade said: “We were called to reports of a car alight that had spread up the outside of the house. “There were a number of mobility scooters parked outside which had caught alight and were producing a large amount of smoke and flames.

What happened to the Smiths family house?

They have now been left devastated as their semi-detached house in Bexleyheath, South London, was destroyed by the blaze. Despite being thankful his family made it out safely, dad Nick Smithy, 33, is crushed after spending ”all of their hard-worked money” renovating their home.

What do you give a family after a house fire?

Immediate Needs In the hours after a house fire, the family needs a clean change of clothing for each member including sleepwear and new underwear. Other needed items depend on whether the family will be staying with relatives, in a hotel or at a local Red Cross shelter.

Why is the Smithy family being targeted?

A TikTok family have shared that their home was targeted in a suspected arson attack in south London. The Smithy Family – who have 2.6million followers online – shared a dramatic video of their semi-detached blackened home.

Did Smithy family house burn down?

The Smithy Family has offered a £5,000 reward for information following a devastating fire at their home. The TikTok stars, who have 2.5m followers, have been left “devastated” after their house was destroyed by the fire.

Who runs the Smith family?

Doug Taylor was appointed CEO of The Smith Family in August 2021. Doug has built a 25-year career in the social sector with national and international experience in leading innovative social impact initiatives in partnership with the not-for-profit, government, philanthropic and corporate sectors.

What to do if there is a fire in your house?

What you need to do when a fire starts

  1. try not to panic.
  2. tell everyone in the house.
  3. use your pre-planned escape route to get everyone out of the building as quickly as possible.
  4. smoke rises, so stay low or crawl on the floor in the cleaner air where it’s easier to breathe.

What to do after house burns down?

What to do after a house fire

  1. Find a safe place to stay.
  2. Contact your insurance agent.
  3. Protect your home.
  4. Take care of your pets.
  5. Get a copy of the fire report.
  6. Address your finances.
  7. Recover your possessions.
  8. Take care of your family’s mental health.

Who are Jack and Amy in the smithy family?

Nick Smithy, his partner Jess, their kids: Jack, Amelia, Isabella and baby Teddy, and Jack’s girlfriend, Amy, were all asleep in the semi-detached house at the time.

Where is the Smithy family from?

Who are The Smithy Family? Former builder and dad Nick, his partner Jess and their children, make up the famed Smithy family, from South London. Nick and Jess have two daughters – six-year-old Amelia and nine-year-old Isabella – and a newborn baby boy.

How much money was raised for the Smithy family?

£47,305 raised Tom Manley is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of The Smithy Family.

Who is the CEO of The Smith Family?