Why do you fools fall in love movie?

Why do you fools fall in love movie?

Why Do Fools Fall in Love is a 1998 American romantic drama film directed by Gregory Nava. Released by Warner Bros. Pictures, the film is a biographical film of R&B/Rock and roll singer Frankie Lymon, lead singer of the pioneering rock and roll group Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers for one year.

Why Do Fools Fall in Love royalties?

Yesterday the court settled a battle among three women, all claiming to be the widow of Frankie Lymon, whose biggest hit was the 1956 song ”Why Do Fools Fall in Love? ” The song has earned more than $1 million in royalties. The ruling by the Court of Appeals effectively declared one of the women, Emira Eagle, Mr.

Who owns the song Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
“Why Do Fools Fall in Love” is a song by American rock and roll band Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers that was released on January 10, 1956. It reached No. 1 on the R&B chart, No….Why Do Fools Fall in Love (song)

“Why Do Fools Fall in Love”
Songwriter(s) Frankie Lymon, Herman Santiago, Jimmy Merchant
Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers singles chronology

Did Larenz Tate really sing in Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

As the lead vocalist for the Teenagers, Lymon (played by Larenz Tate) helped turn “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” into one of the biggest hits of 1956. He followed it with “I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquent,” “I Want You to Be My Girl” and other songs characterized by his trademark piercing high voice.

Is Why Do Fools Fall in Love on Amazon Prime?

Watch Why Do Fools Fall In Love | Prime Video.

Did Zola Taylor really lose her house?

She tells of losing her home because Lymon bought heroin and entertained other women rather than paying the mortgage. During this emotional testimony, the director Gregory Nava lifts a pencil up and down as if he’s conducting an orchestra.

Who got Frankie Lymon money?

New York State’s highest court declared Emira Eagle of Georgia to be the widow of the 1950s rock star, entitling her to at least some of the royalties to Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers’ 1956 hit, “Why Do Fools Fall in Love.”

Did Zola Taylor lose her house?

Are the original Platters still alive?

Herb Reed, the last surviving original member of 1950s doo wop group The Platters, has died. Reed, who was 83, passed away in a hospice in the Boston area, reports AP.

Who were Frankie Lymon wives?

Emira Eaglem. 1967–1968
Frankie Lymon/Wife
According to court documents, the three are Emira Eagle Lymon, 46, a school teacher in Augusta, Ga.; Elizabeth Waters Lymon, 43, of Philadelphia, who said she bore Lymon a child; and Zola Mae Taylor of Los Angeles, the female voice of the Platters.