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Why does Bifur have an AXE in his head?

Why does Bifur have an AXE in his head?

Behind the scenes Bifur is one of these “silenced” members of the company. The films expanded on the fact he was “silenced” by saying that an Orc axe embedded in his skull left him inarticulate and only able to communicate in dwarfish and hand gestures, this was used to explain why he did not speak throughout the film.

What was Gimli’s relation to Balin?

first cousin once
Gimli was of the royal line, but not close to the succession; he was the third cousin once removed of Dáin II Ironfoot, king of Durin’s Folk, and the first cousin once removed of Balin, also one of Bilbo’s former companions, and later briefly Lord of Moria.

What happened to the company of Thorin Oakenshield?

The Battle of Five Armies and dissolution of the Company The battle began and Thorin and Company went to war. Bilbo stayed out of the battle with the aid of the Ring. The company and their allies won but Fíli and Kíli had been killed and Thorin was mortally wounded.

Are Dwalin and Thorin cousins?

Fili and Kili are brothers, and are the sons of Thorin’s sister, making them his nephews. Balin and Dwalin are brothers, as are Oin and Gloin. These four are basically Thorin’s cousins (technically their great-grandfather was the brother of Thorin’s great-grandfather.)

Should I tell him he has an AXE in his head?

No wonder – he has an axe stuck in his forehead. During the conversation, you will be able to tell him the truth about what really happened to him and that he will go to Valhalla or lie to him a bit. Pull the axe out of the Viking’s head and the task will be completed. The man will unfortunately die.

Are Bifur bofur and bombur brothers?

Bofur’s parentage is unknown; the only familial connections mentioned are that Bombur is his brother and Bifur is his cousin. He was not of Durin’s line although he was descended from Dwarves of Moria.

Are Balin and Thorin related?

He was one of the thirteen Dwarves who accompanied Thorin II Oakenshield on the quest to regain the Lonely Mountain. A Dwarf Lord known for his wise counsel and willingness to listen, he was one of Thorin’s closest friends and advisers. Balin was distantly related to him, and a descendant of the noble House of Durin.

Is Thorin older than Balin?

Thorin, born in T.A. 2746, was 195 years old at the time and the oldest of the Dwarves in the Company. Balin, born in T.A. 2763, was 178 years old and the eldest of the Dwarves after Thorin. In the movies he is portrayed as an old Dwarf, very likely older than Thorin.

How did Balin died?

It told how Balin discovered Durin’s Axe, and established a small colony, but it was overrun by orcs and Balin was killed by an orc archer in Dimrill Dale. Thus he died in the same place as his father, having been self-proclaimed Lord of Moria for less than 5 years.