Why does Cecil Palmer have a third eye?

Why does Cecil Palmer have a third eye?

There is no canon basis for Cecil having a third eye. It was a popular concept early on in the drawing of him by fanartists, but it’s one that seems to have been slowly falling out of fashion lately. Many fanartists have abandoned the literal eye in favour of either a tattoo eye, or nothing.

Who is Tamika Flynn?

Tamika Flynn is a nineteen-year-old resident of Night Vale, a renowned destroyer of librarians, and the leader of Night Vale’s anti-StrexCorp resistance movement. Tamika escaped and continued to lead the resistance.

Do Carlos and Cecil have kids?

As of the podcast’s 100th episode, Carlos and Cecil are officially married. It’s revealed in the episode “C****s” that Cecil and Carlos have adopted a son named Esteban which was initially revealed in the liveshow “A Spy In The Desert”.

Is Welcome to Night Vale LGBT?

He’s bisexual (or pansexual or omnisexual, but definitely not heterosexual), but the show itself isn’t explicitly about his sexuality. He just happens to be the protagonist of a science fiction show and, hey, he’s queer too.

Is Kevin really Cecil’s double?

Appearance. He is described by Cecil as “not tall or short, not thin or fat.” He is described as though he is Cecil’s double.

Is Cecil Palmer immortal?

Cecil’s physical appearance is deliberately unspecified, and it is not entirely certain that he is fully human. There is strong evidence that he may be immortal, extremely old (although somehow still appearing to be much younger than he actually is) and/or a time traveler.

What does Khoshekh mean?

Khoshekh means “darkness” in Hebrew and was one of the ten plagues of Egypt in the story of Exodus. The Hebrew חֹשֶׁךְ or חושך is pronounced “choshech” (ch as in challah) (emphasis on the first syllable), different from how Cecil pronounces Khoshekh.

Does Cecil have a child?

Esteban is the son of Cecil and Carlos. He was adopted by the couple two years before “A Spy in the Desert”, but his parents agreed that they needed to keep some of their personal life off the air, and so Esteban’s existence was never mentioned.

What is a glow cloud?

The Glow Cloud (all hail) is an eternal deity predating reality and currently serving as the president of the Night Vale School Board. First spotted by John Peters (you know, the farmer) in episode two, the Glow Cloud (all hail) is a cloud which made a sudden entrance to Night Vale from the west.

What does Cecil Palmer look like?

Cecil’s physical appearance is deliberately unspecified, and it is not entirely certain that he is fully human. Cecil once described Kevin from a photo as being “not tall or short, not thin or fat,” with hair and nose resembling Cecil’s, but with black eyes that are apparently not like his.

Is Kevin in love with Carlos?

Kevin seemed to be very fond of Carlos during their time in the Desert Otherworld and seemed genuinely upset when reading the letter that Carlos left for Kevin in the radio station. Charles: Kevin feels passionate about Charles and finds him very attractive.

Who voices tad strange?

Cecil Baldwin
Cecil Baldwin is an American voice actor and is best known for voicing Cecil Palmer in Welcome to Night Vale. In Gravity Falls, Cecil voiced Tad Strange.